Why I Blog

I started writing blog in May 2007.

I was very new to blogging and my first blog Serendipity was read only by my friends and family.

Life took its course, I got busy with some very personal things in my life.

I again started blogging in April 2008, and am more or less regularly updating my blog.

I personally feel, my writing skills have developed from May 07 to Apr 08.

It gives me thrill to write, and I get tremendous satisfaction and happiness, when I check the blog stats each day and read comments if any.

Blogging gives me an opportunity to express myself, to a greater audience.

I feel good when I know, somebody, somewhere in another corner of this world is reading my blog, thanks to the modern technology, widgets and html codes which let me know, detailed statistics about my each post.

I write because I want to be read.


7 thoughts on “Why I Blog

  1. Hi Sharad,

    Read a few of your posts and found them interesting. Where are u working? Even I stay in Pune.

    Infact, I got your blog from your feedback in the Nuclear Campaign at Sambhaji Garden on 28-Aug.

    Let’s meet sometime.

    Hey Rushal, Thanks for visting the blog, sure we will meet sometime.

  2. Hi Sharad. After I started blogging again, I found that hardly any of my old blog friends blogged nowadays. Good to know you are still at it!

    1. Hi Nita.. I am trying.. twitter instagram etc provides a quicker and easier way to share thoughts and probably that’s why all have moved on.. plus lives of everyone seems to have become busier than ever..

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