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Hello there!!

If you have stumbled upon here by mistake you are welcome to close the window by clicking the cross on extreme right top. I would have given you an easy option of clicking a link/button but unfortunately wordpress doesn’t allow using javascript.

If you have come here clicking the read more link on the home page or by clicking on the menu, thanks for showing such interest in me. Below is some text to enlighten you about “I, Me and Myself”.

I was born on October 5th, 1983 at a wonderful place in central India, called Indore, I am proud of being an Indori and can often be found talking about Indore and its food. I did my schooling from Mar Thoma Church school, completed B.E. in mechanical engineering in year 2005 from Medicaps Institute of Tech & Management. Started my professional career with Satyam, moved onto number one Indian IT company TCS after performing a short stint at “High Performance, delivered” Accenture,  and currently working as an assistant manager – Global Tax, for number one professional services firm in the world, Deloitte.

This is my personal blog, where I write all kind of gibberish and the blog represents my personal view, it is in no way associated to Deloitte and/or represents Deloitte in any which way.

I am a foodie, loves spicy food as equally as sweets. I love pani-puri,(gol-gappe, phucke) and can have it anytime. I love clicking pictures of wonderfully decorated and yummy looking, yummy tasting food, I enjoy eating at various places and sometimes try my hand at cooking.

When I am not eating, I love reading books, I read a lot, and when I am reading I forget everything else, so it is hard to get my attention when I am reading. I mostly read fiction and autobiographies. I follow-up lots of blog, I keep a tab on daily news by reading one morning newspaper and then a lot of news online.

Apart from eating and reading I also love singing and dancing in a closed dark room. I love songs sung by Mohd Rafi and can often be found humming one of his evergreen hits. Though my singing is terrible, I keep singing, hoping that the adage, “Practice makes a man perfect” would someday hold true for me.

I am an ardent cricket fan, catch almost every cricketing action either on tv or on internet. I also follow politics, keep myself updated on current affairs. I do a bit of pencil sketching as well.

A big fan of power of social networking and is on almost on social networks.

I am into social entrepreneurship, to make books and reading accessible to all have tried my hands at running “free home delivery, free pick-up, low-cost” rental book library. I also created buzz in Pune by offering rupees 500 to any person who would start wearing helmet while riding a two-wheeler. I was interviewed by radio mirchi and red fm and was featured on the front page of Pune mirror.

I want to change the world, and keep thinking about the ways in which it can be done, and doing my bit towards it. Love the quote, “Be the change, you want to see”.

When I get some spare time from doing all that is listed above, I also write here, and one day I am looking forward to have a book of my published. I also want to be a public speaker one day.

I used to do Marathi theatre, have acted in plays like Aboli, Sara kasa shant shant, vinyacha bail bua, but now I don’t get anytime, but would love to do some acting if given a chance.

I also love designing website, finding ways to improve web UI and usability, review and write resumes.

So that is  “I, Me, Myself” in short for you. If you are interested in knowing me more please leave a comment and I will get back to you 🙂


31 thoughts on “About Me

  1. aaby tere paas blog update karne ka time hai lekin dosto se baat karne ka nahi hai na be..
    sahi ja rha hai…
    well u blog remind me of rajjooooo….
    keeep blogging

  2. You are more than you said in your descripition.Everyone can see that only by reading some of the things you wrote.From your mind, the thoughts come into your soul, and from there into little words that became a part of you.

  3. I know this guy from Early days of my schooling.I remember on the first day of my school(i guess in class 2nd)my teacher introduced me to this guy.So he was the first friend i made during my school days and still we are together.
    To Be Continued….

  4. I m not good in playing with words.But i will try to Describe him.
    As far as i know this guy used to be Studious during my school days.I must say that he used to be the topper of our class.He used to be very shy,never used to involve in any Mischievious things. But once he stepped into the college i saw a tremendous change in him.
    He was not the same Sharad Bapat which i have seen during my school time.
    He don’t hide anything whatever comes in his mind he just speaks it.He is very good in Expressing himself.Even most of u might have experienced this thru his earlier posts.But sometimes Kuch Badi-2 batain kar deta hai which u can’t digest.I mean thodi fakene ki Aadat hai isse.he he… 🙂
    But altogether he is a very nice person to be with.He is a Gem of a person.Itz Gr8 to have u as a Friend.Take Care.

  5. i guess its tough to live with a person who is both more lazy and intelligent than you.

    i confirm its terrible.

    and u can’t ask for more wen he is ur elder brother, so called, “DADA”.

  6. Hey Sharad, I know you are really good when it comes to creativity.It come natural to you, may be one of the traits of true Libra 🙂
    I read all your blogs, what I like the most is you are trying to see different aspects of life in daily activities and putting it amazingly in words.Some people are more interested in just portraying their lives in public space, but i think you have got the true meaning of blogging and doing well….
    Keep it up buddy…

  7. Mechanical Engineer by qualification, Software engineer by profession and Blogger by interest.
    lol /..

    whao.!!! you are a passionate cricket Fan… so i can have a reader atlast who is like me..
    i have stopped writing abt cricket because my readers dont like cricket that much .. .:P
    nice to meet u ..

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    In any case, you’ve got a great site. Keep it up.

  9. Oh…I will..I will…Take care of the little things like your “birth” getting confirmed..lol!!

    Sharad: 🙂 Good to know that you will..you will… lol…. I know I make silly mistakes… 😀 will be careful, with people like you around..or rather… you not around.

  10. Hi Sharad,

    Came to your post from Nita’s.

    I have read a few posts and I like your style of writing – very simple, down-to-earth and topical.

    Will catch up with the other posts soon.


    Sharad: Hey Mavin thanks for visiting and liking my blog!!

  11. Hi Sharad 🙂

    Lol..we ahve loo in common..I am a libran!! I am a software engineer,not migrated enigneer but ‘originally’ 😉 lol…

    I recall those days when Mechy friends used to boast that they are the most ‘cool, brave etc etc etc ‘ among the whole college..I guess Mech guys are bit proudish by default and they delude themselves that they are the smartest( in fact we CSE is the smartest 😉 )..At the end of four years,they come and sit in our recruitments and end up being a software enginner,the ones who they looked down all 4 years..lol..I am feeling so relieved i shouted my egoistic feelings i held in my mind all these years and which i couldn’t tell them in direct as I was afraid..lol…Sorry no offence to you ok..I just recalled my college days..Well,afterall only Mech guys stand up for others in case some issues come out..I respect them for that,for being courageous and standing up to their words.. ..Be a proucd Mechie 🙂

    Sharad: laughed aloud at a mistake only a CSE can make… “we have loo in common” 😆 I know u meant lot* in common hehehehe

    True.. i sat in the recruitment and ended up being a software engg….circumstances..money..what to do…but but can a CSE land up in a job of mechanical engg..no na.. so thats why we think we are the best 😛 No offense taken.. welcome to the blog… keep visiting 🙂

  12. oops….**scratches head** ..pls correct the spelling mistake before anybody else reads it…

    (in fact that was not a spelling mistake,i was checking whether you’ll recognize the mistake ..lol.. 😉

    Sharad: Let people read… I do not edit comments 😛 😛

  13. Sharad, nice blog…I havn’t been to Indore, but visited Bhopal, it’s a beautiful city,and Indore must be even better

  14. Hi Sharad,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving wonderful comments. I am humbled.

    Hmmm.. Libran.. me too. But very different I guess.

    Read some of your stuff, will come back again to read some more.


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