Happy New Year

Image: Fireworks

Details: This image was clicked at Malaysian Township, Raintree Park, KPHB, Kukatpally, Hyderabad post the 31st celebrations.

Story: Was all geared up for clicking fireworks at midnight. Set the camera up, picked up the tripod and climbed up the stairs rather enthusiastically to reach the terrace and set everything up. The excitement was evident in the steps. And Sh!t happened. The terrace was locked up.

Ran 7 floors down to find the watchman and ask him to open the door. Could not find him anywhere. With few minutes left for the new year knew there was no point in searching for him. Went to the 7th floor common area and it was filled with neighbors wanting to catch the fireworks. Could not let the chance go and amidst curious looks, setup the tripod behind the crowd. very small angle and opening to catch the fireworks.

With no real prior experience of clicking a picture of firework, and anxious neighbors looking me do random things with the camera, managed to click this picture.

EXIF Data:

Camera: Canon 600D

Lens: Tamron 70-300mm

F-stop: f10, Exposure time: 3.2 seconds, focal length: 130mm, ISO: 100

Tripod: Benro

Post processing: Added shadows to get rid of some smoke and free lights, added a little highlight and added the text. Cropped the image to remove unwanted elements on the left.


Lessons learnt: Be prepared, scout multiple locations, have a backup plan ready.


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