The girl who doesn’t know him

or now probably (hopefully) she does….

“I don’t” … are not the two words that most people in India like to hear, specially not when the questions was asked about the god of a religion belonging exclusively to India.

Yes, everywhere else (read 12-13 other countries) cricket might be sport but in India it is a religion followed by almost entire population, most of which put “him” on the pedestal where immortals belong. So in that sense what the girl did was blasphemy and the religious fanatics made sure she incurred the wrath.

She is to blame, her fault she didn’t read the biographies of the attendees list of people watching her play. It was her mistake that when most of us were busy mugging up facts from Manorama year book she was concentrating on her backhand returns.

Most Indian men can identify her from grunts and long legs; start typing her name in Google and the search suggestions starts adding “hot pics” next to it. The girl was loved and adored but “her” not knowing “him” has betrayed all of us. In fact from the day she uttered those infamous words Google has reported sharp decline in people from India searching her “hot pics”, “sexy pics”, “in bikini pics”.

Ask any Indian to name a female tennis player apart from Sania Mirza and the answer would not go beyond “her”, but thanks to her ignorance Anna kournikova is back… oh not on tennis court but on Google search top searches.

Lots of disgruntled Indians have pledge that they will burn all the hard disk drives that contains her images, fakes and otherwise. She has left scores of Indian heart broken, because of her ignorance they have to create a “new” collection for their personal use.

We might not be knowing the names of players in Indian Women cricket team, Indian hockey team, Indian football team(do we have one??), but alas she must know who he is.

One of my favorite meme on the topic


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