Venting out anger…..

And I am writing.. because I am pissed off. I have to find a way to vent my anger and this time I decided to write it out.

The canteen at my residential society just tried to cheat me off. And when I pointed it out instead of acknowledging it they just brazenly told me not to buy the stuff.

On a hot summer night I though I would have some ice cream so I went to the canteen and picked up this box. I was shocked to see two MRPs on the box. One the printed one by the company and second one a paper sticker.

These half brains didn’t bother to put the sticker on printed MRP but put it right next to it. Pointless to say argued, other just looked uninterested and bought items that they wanted to. I created a small scene and feeling my BP rise left the place.


multiple MRPs

multiple MRPs



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