Arvind Kejriwal

“No matter how good you are and no matter how great and noble your intentions are, there are, and will always be people who will try to bring you down, find out faults in you. But that shouldn’t stop you from being what you are and doing what you do.”

“You don’t know that ambitious @#@%#@. These are just populist policies; he will never be able to deliver.”

“There are two sides to every coin.”

Yes, I am talking about the chief minister of Delhi, “Mr. Arvind Kejriwal”, and above mentioned are few lines you can hear people say about him.


You can hate him, you can love him, but you cannot ignore him. He is no longer a media created hype or a side-kick crusader of new age Gandhi against corruption. Accept it or not, the truth is, he has become a phenomenon now.  The congress or the BJP are not just wary of him, but are shit scared of him. Winning these many seats in Delhi in your first election is no mean feat. If you have any doubts about it ask Raj Thackeray.  Just including free water and reducing power bills to half in your election manifesto doesn’t win you elections. If it does, I will be happy to stand in the next one too.

“Be the change you want to see”, is what Arvind has done, and is doing. He has shown the path, the way. As per him, he said to Anna Hazare that we must join politics, to which Anna replied, “Politics is muck” and his response was, if we need to clean the muck we need to get into it. He had done exactly the same thing.

Of course there are challenges, the road ahead is tough. If not he himself, his team lacks political cunningness, experience, administrative skills. The biggest issue is numbers; he has formed a minority government. The numbers are against him, but he has accepted the challenge.  The opposition is strong, BJP argues on both sides, asks him to accept the responsibility that the people have given him, and if he does that accuse him for joining hands with the very party (ideology) he fought against. Congress has swooped to a new low, on one hand they offer unconditional support, and at the same time their failed leader claims it is not unconditional.

There are people who want to see him fail, not deliver on his promises, people who didn’t raise an eyebrow when the previous government failed to deliver anything in over 15 years, wants him to deliver it in days.

I don’t like his idea of conducting surveys and going back to people for everything.  That just defeats everything that leadership stands for. But so far he has shown promise, the start is good.  Let us keep our fingers crossed and hope for a better tomorrow.

P.S: how many of us can let go of our jobs and fight election against an incumbent chief minister and defeat her with more than 25000 votes?

P.S.P.S:  I am not having severe loose motions, yeh Delhi kee janta ko ho rahe hai. Hum survey karaenge kee kis doctor kai paas jaye. Doctor Harshvardhan acche hai, par unki party kai bare mai, mein yeh nahi keh sakta.

Image Source: Economic Times.


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