NaMo RaGa and restrooms before conference rooms

The entire country is singing the NaMo RaGa and my friend’s colleagues, at his office have joined the chorus.

A project manager who turned a sick project into a major success story under his able leadership in last 3 years now wants to be the CEO of the company. He just can’t stop singing about the development model of his project and says he will do the same with the company.

He rose through ranks from being an entry level employee to successfully managing a project. He has worked hard and at grass root level. He has captured the pulse of many of his associates. He did receive some opposition from his own project. The most senior associate thought he could be the CEO, though he had been rejected many a times by the board. He has also never traveled to US on an onsite assignment because his VISA has been rejected.

Some high skilled, high willed employees at the office are trying to tell him that managing a company is not same as managing a project. But no, he won’t listen. Some of his enthusiast associates even recreated a makeshift CEO’s cabin and made him sit in it for a day. To whatever meetings he goes, this project manager just talks about the development model of his project and even charges people to attend these meetings. The money, he says, will go to rebuild the company.

At one of the recent meetings he even said to a loud cheer from the gathering, “Restrooms before conference rooms”.

I don’t know what his fate would be, whether he would become CEO or not. If he does, would he be able to replicate his successful development model for the entire organization remains to be seen.

Now in the same office another person is running for the CEO’s post. He would not openly tell that he is. He actually doesn’t have any qualification for being the CEO; he is running for the post purely by virtue of being son and grandson of ex-CEO’s. He hasn’t really managed any project, forget project he can’t even manage his speeches properly and often gets scolded by his mom. The mom is not the CEO but virtually runs the company.

Till date, to whatever proposals he was assigned, he had been a complete dud. In some cases he had even lost already won bids. But most employees are loyal to him, the lone reason being the virtue I wrote earlier.

He recently tore up a memo written by the current CEO and board calling it a complete nonsense. He had earlier called company losses, bad hikes and employee dissatisfaction, a state of mind.

He eats lunch from the plates of office helps, peons, and cleaners once in a while, leaving them hungry. He goes off to vacation when one of company’s offices is in turmoil. And even at the age where some people with same name retire from their careers, he is still the most eligible bachelor. He says some of the stupidest and dumbest things ever spoken in the office, still in the media and the company he is seen as a visionary.

Even the current CEO says he would love to work under this beloved son of a mom.

Whoever wins the coveted CEO post, I hope the company prospers.

NaMo, RaGa, MaMo or MaSi, SoGa, are all good and funny acronyms but the one I like the most is ArGo(for a famous news channel editor who says, “the nation wants to know”) at least his acronym has won Oscars.

Note: The story is fictitious and all resemblance………

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