Random musing

“No web would come out if you bend your wrists and no you cannot climb walls or jump from building to building even though you are wearing a spider-man dress and a mask” said my friend to her 5 year old kid.  Oh he was heartbroken and in tears, it was hard for him to accept the reality. What started off as mere fantasy soon became an obsession. The truth when told caused heartbreak.

He will move on, the smart kid that he is, but isn’t it the same with most of us? We present a rosy picture of world to our near and dear ones, we don’t want them to worry, but what we do instead is hide from them the reality. And when the revelation occurs, it is a shock for them. A shock that is too hot to handle.

We live in a world of false reality; in a world that we create around us so that we can be comfortable living in it. We also live in constant state of denial. We assume too many things, and we procrastinate. If we cannot find a solution to a problem, very soon we give up and go in the denial mode. We start thinking that the problem is non-existent. We find a work around, which is temporary and not a permanent fix. We do not realize that the problem still exists and if not today it will come around tomorrow to haunt us.

We tend to procrastinate happiness. We don’t do things that make us happy, we don’t do things that we love to do, and we don’t do things that are important for us like staying fit. We leave these things for a future date & time, one that is never going to come.

Let me eat this samosa today, I will not eat fried food from tomorrow.  Today is Sunday let me sleep in late, I will start going for a walk tomorrow. I love to write but first let me clean the cupboard or talk to my aunt, I can always write tomorrow. I will open the library when I retire, I will learn guitar in the summers. I will start exercising from tomorrow.  That tomorrow never comes.

We don’t live in now, we don’t enjoy the present. Either we keep regretting what happened in the past, or keep worrying about the future. Life isn’t easy, it was never meant to be.  It is in our hands to find moments that matter.  Moments that count.

Face the truth, stop living in denial, stop procrastinating, and make the right priorities and choice. Write down about moments, memories that brought real happiness to you, marriage,  becoming a parent, first kiss, drenching in the rain, that extra hour of sleep, a random act of kindness, whatever that gave joy to you.   Do what you love to do and don’t worry about the rest, go after things you want, ask or the answer will always be a no, smile a lot. Be so happy that when others look at you they become happy too.

P.S: It is not preaching but note to self 🙂


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