Husbands vs Anniversaries

India achieved freedom on 15th August 1947, but how many of us remember the date when it became slave under British Raj, let alone remembering the date, how many of us celebrate the occasion we lost our independence? Buy gifts for Englishmen who ruled us? Sounds crazy, right? Why would one remember such date?

Then why do married women want their husbands to remember their wedding anniversaries? Not just remember but surprise them with lovely gifts, chocolates, roses, cakes and much more.  Too much of misplaced expectations isn’t it?

wedding anniversary funny

“What do you lose? You still do the things you wanted” often comes the retort … Oh yea, we can’t booze without having to worry about how and to whose home are we going to wake up next day. Can’t smoke without eating mint and for the James Bond types wife, even need to rub some on the fingers. Can’t go to late night movie shows, can’t wear the same socks or the same shirt twice in the week.  We cannot step out of the house, without shaving and bathing. The need to be prim and proper, always. Can’t attend a call from an unknown number and afford to smile while on the call, have to worry about the looks in the eyes and the question “who was it”.

I can go on and on, but the fact that my wife would be reading this and I am worried about today’s dinner, let me add this, “All I wrote above is fictitious and bears no resemblance to any person living or dead. Any resemblance to anyone or anything is purely coincidental”.

Marriage is an institution (LOL), institution where only the crazy gets enrolled, and they celebrate their admission with hundreds of friends, family and relatives. I believe in this institution and my admission to it was my choice. I am glad that I made it and if losing independence at the cost of being cared and loved is what it means, I will happily be a slave ever after.

wedding anniversaryI remember my wedding anniversary (can’t afford to forget it, can I?) and I try to make it memorable every year.

So having made the big claim, let me find out when my wedding anniversary is, so that I can make it a memorable one.

This is post is in response to Reema’s post about Husbands vs Anniversaries , Reema here you go…


4 thoughts on “Husbands vs Anniversaries

  1. You should have put the disclaimer in small (unreadable font) after the article. And you could have avoided writing the unnecessary out-of-context last two paras. Just find out a way to block your wife’s IP address from accessing this blog. 🙂

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