Book Review: Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul At work

I am a vegetarian so it was a tough ask to review a book titled “Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul at Work”, but then I guess I would eat/drink chicken soup if offered for free, and since I got this book for free as a part of Blogadda’s book review program, here is the review of book. (For people who don’t get it, yes it is joke)

The book is a part “Chicken Soup for Soul” series which shares real stories of real people bringing hope, courage, inspiration and love to hundreds of millions of people around the world. (As claimed on their website)

Chicken Soup for Indian Soul at Work

I have not reviewed any book before and I do tend to become harsh and cruel when it comes to reviewing. My reviews of anything becomes fault finding missions at times, so please accept my apologies, the comments are intentional, but not to hurt any sentiments, only to help make things better.

To quote Kabir, “निंदक नियरे राखिये आंगन कुटी छबाय, बिन पानी साबन बिना निर्मल करे सुहाय”

To summarize the book, it contains 101 stories of entrepreneurship & creativity at the workplace. Some of them are inspiring; some of them are bedtime stories for kids, some of them questionable for inclusion, none displays creativity, but then creativity is a subjective term.

I would give the book 2.5 star out of 5, but worth reading if you get it for free.

A book is/should be known by its content not cover but let us review the book for its cover first and not just content.

World is trying to be greener, everyone is trying to save the environment except for this book, a lot of pages would have been saved, there is too much space for the titles of the stories and at many places at the end of the story a single line or the paragraph is used on an entire page. All this space could have been better utilized and the book could have been more condensed.

If I review and talk about each story in detail, I would be spoiling the fun. What if you decide to read the book? The stories are short enough; some are real interesting and leave you asking for more, some are short so that you can quickly read them and move forward.  Some stories contain factual errors.  At times when the story is “As told to xyz” it would have lend more credibility if the person’s name was mentioned.  It is difficult to relate to a story without giving it a face, and especially to stories which are real stories by real people (as claimed on the website).

Now let me be diplomatic, nothing is good or bad, it is as you perceive it. Takeaway all the positives from the book and ignore the negatives, still priced at Rs 295, I would not go and buy the book. Not my kind really!!

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