A love story that wasn’t

Ten years have passed, recollecting the lost memories he suddenly felt the chill. The chill was from the AC vent, he had not felt fresh air since ages. He parted the curtains of the window of his corner office at the top floor of the city’s tallest building. He looked at the open sky, felt its vastness. He saw the randomness of concrete structure sprawling across the city’s skyline.

A hydrogen filled, red colored, heart shaped balloon suddenly came up and stuck to the window pane. He turned around to check the calendar, it was 14th of February. He realized it was not just 14th February; it was Valentine’s Day as well.  From past few years dates were just dates, they no more had any significance to it, of course apart from the deadlines to meet. From the days of being a walking database of birthdays and anniversaries, he no longer remembered his own birthday or wedding anniversary.

Instead of asking for an office help, he went to the pantry and made a coffee for himself, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee made him feel nostalgic. On his way back to office, his personal secretary stopped him to resolve some conflicts he was having on his calendar. He couldn’t help but smell the perfume she was wearing.

Back at his desk he closed his eyes and tried to ward off all the memories that the smell of perfume had brought back. She used to wear the same perfume. She, the beautiful, the charismatic, the lovely, the gorgeous, he could just go on and on describing her with all the positive adjectives in the world.

He guessed because it was valentine’s day the air was probably charged with love, charged with romance that had made him think about her. It was not that on other days he did not but somehow he had isolated her memories from everything else. He has indulged himself so much in work that there was little or less time left for him to think about her. Still there were times like this when he thought about her. Her thoughts made him smile, he even remembered few jokes they shared and laughed out loud. But most of the times her thoughts invariably left him with tears. Time could not heal anything.

He was an emotional person; he had given everything he possibly could to their relationship, to their love. But the world was a cruel place, and love and romance were still the forbidden fruits. Even in the immortal love stories the lovers could not meet, how could they? Their love was as strong if not more as Romeo and Juliet, Heer and Ranjha.  He remembered her saying that it was for good that they could not unite, because if they had, the romance would have taken a backseat to the usual chores of a married life. The passion would be lost to paying bills and running errands. The pragmatic she, he thought probably this was the way she had dealt with their break-up. This was her way of making her heart understand, this was her excuse of not being together.

He knew she still loved him; he too was still in love with her, but their love was like day and night with no dusk or dawn to help them meet.

He wondered where she would be, what she would be doing. He was helpless, and he knew she was helpless as well. He was lonely; he felt she would be lonely too. He wanted to say a lot of things, pour his heart out, but to whom?  For how long should he stay silent? He wanted to break the norms the society has set. He wanted to revolt and push aside all obstacles that the world has created between them.  He wanted to announce his love, he wanted to meet her.

He logged onto to his computer, searched through some old emails, after years logged onto social networking sites, and even searched her on Google, and finally he found her contact number.

He began dialing the number on his cellphone and before he could dial the last digit of the number, his phone rang. It was from his wife asking him to pick their kid up while returning to home. The last digit of the number remained not dialed.


6 thoughts on “A love story that wasn’t

  1. its is better to let bygones be bygones. never complicate life more than it already is 😀 nice story.
    p.s. change blog layout so there are more than one post on home page and a “previous entries” link at the end of page.
    p.p.s I had been on a blogging break..now on reading spree

  2. man this is really nicely written, describes a phase of life and a part where you really know you lost your heart and you know that a part of it is still stuck at the very first moment. 🙂

  3. wow very well written Sharad, ‘Let it go and move on’ is easy to say but never real..some memories remain forever in life :)..


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