Love, hope and other words…

Love at first sight was just a saying for him until he saw her. The realization struck him hard. He had never imagined that love could be so beautiful. All he had heard about love was misery and pain. His friends told him that she was out of his league, and for long he believed them.  Love gave him courage to ask her out for a coffee and with the same courage he proposed her six months later. The feelings were mutual.

As time flew by their bond grew ever so stronger, but deep down they both knew they were not destined to be together.  Of such a strong mutual love, hope was born. Hope, that they could be together forever, time would stop when they lay endlessly in each other’s embrace.

Hope also brought in assumptions, assumptions that he knew her, she knew him, as time passed the assumptions became belief that they knew each other too well, that the unspoken was understood, silence conveyed their thoughts.

Of this assumptions and beliefs expectations arose, expectations to be there when needed. Expectations those were hard to fulfill.  He never understood her endless silence and reluctances. He expected her to talk, even to fight if she was angry at him, but he never told her that and she never did it. She silently suffered and made him suffer. She never understood his aggression, she expected him to understand her silence, to read through eyes, to hold her hands but she never told him that and he never did it.

He was afraid, scared, scared to lose her. He knew he would. He knew there was no hope or light at the end of the tunnel. He knew that one fine day he will return home to loneliness and despair. The fear of losing her made him do crazy things. Crazy things that only one who is deeply in love and who is scared of losing someone he loves could do. Love makes one do such crazy things. But these crazy things pushed them apart. She never understood him and his weird acts. The distance between them grew so big that nothing could bridge it.

He still cared for her, loved her lot, but she started taking things for granted. He understood the aloofness but could not do anything. He wanted to fill the emptiness; the void that time had created in their relationship, but she had resigned. She no longer wanted it, as per her it was over.

His feelings were crushed; the love that seemed so beautiful years ago was now a synonym to pain. He cried, he cried even after the tears dried.

And then, fir kya “uske mohalle mai Aishwarya aaye.. ow o o.. oh o oww” ( courtesy Munna bhai MBBS song titled “kal raat apun 2 baje tak piya”.) (And then, Aishwarya came into the neighborhood) J


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