Who is Salman Rushdie??

To me, many of my friends and, to many other men who would be brave enough to confess, Sir Ahmed Salman Rushdie is an ex-husband of actress, model, television host, and cookbook author, the dusky and the sultry Padma Lakshmi.  ‘Midnight’s Children’, ‘Booker prize’ and ‘The Satanic Verses’ were later found out.

Why I am even writing about him? Well he is in news, the hype is created, for whom, by whom and what for does not really matter. The point is he is news.  India is taking advantage of the fact that he is controversial and in news. Newspaper by filling in their columns, news channel by airing debates and talk shows, random people by appearing on these debates and bloggers like me blogging about it, him.

Our honorable Prime minister Dr. Manmohan Singh recently talked about malnutrition, and then there is poverty, economic crisis, corruption, shelter, food, education, my own project deadlines, so many more important issues which needs to be tackled with utmost priority, but no, no, we are more concerned about a person of Indian origin who is an accomplished writer, not being allowed to enter India to attend a literary festival.  We are more concerned on how a book written by him 23 years ago can break the harmony; disrupt the country by enticing communal violence and maybe, probably affect the reservation card played by congress in the U.P assembly election.

I keep asking myself this question getting no answers from within, where are we heading as a country and what am I doing?


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