The model election code of conduct

The Election Commission has ordered for covering up of all the ‘Mayawati’ and ‘elephant’ statues as a part of code of conduct for the upcoming assembly elections in U.P.

I wonder if the code of conduct can actually be implemented, and is restricted to just the statues, because according to the same logic they should also order for covering up of all the live elephants in U.P, after all they are the symbol of BSP. I guess the same stands true for Mayawati as well, if you want her statues to be covered, shouldn’t she be covered as well. I know she dresses appropriately, but by covering I meant the same way as they would be covering her statue. And in any case she is far more pursuing in actual than the statues.

What about other parties? The electoral symbol of the Congress party is the palm. Who is going to cover all the palms? What about bicycle of Samajwadi party? Should none in UP be allowed to ride or use a bicycle?

I wonder how all the political parties agree to the standard without questioning. And will there be a time when the code of conduct and model during the elections is more realistic, intellectual and upright.

This article is in line with and use reference from the editorial published in Deccan Chronicle yesterday.


One thought on “The model election code of conduct

  1. Where there is a will there is a way! The word is “Complacency” found in every Indian dictionary. This is the kind of leadership we should expect; where all it takes is a quarter of Whiskey and Rs100 🙂

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