The dead idea…

I went to attend a meeting called upon in the apartment society where I live, to discuss and to find a solution to the ongoing water crisis. Everyone from the society was invited. As usual I was the first one to be at the venue at sharp 10:30 AM as mentioned in the meeting schedule. People started coming in at 10:45. By 11:00 AM around 10 people were gathered and not to my surprise all the attendees were male.

My weird mind started working and an idea for my next blog post started to take shape. How, to a crisis which majorly affects women in the house, all men had gathered. There was no representation from the women cadre. It did not surprise me at all. I had seen this umpteen times before in my life. It was nothing new. But still I wanted to write about it.

And then I learnt another lesson in my life, 10 minutes later 2 ladies walked into the meeting. My idea got crushed before it could have really taken any shape.

This post is homage, a tribute to the idea.


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