Happy New Year!!

Waking up to the news that 9 die in road mishaps(in Hyderabad) on New Year is not exactly how I planned to start the year, and writing about it was definitely not how I would have wanted it, but then that’s life, gives you unexpected and makes you do unplanned.

Out of 9 that died, 4 died in single incident when five teenagers who were travelling on a single bike met with an accident. 4 died on the spot and the fifth was seriously injured. Other incidents were also due to multiple pillion riders on 2 wheelers. The traffic police booked around 500 cases of drunk driving and 32 for 2 pillion or more. Numbers speak for themselves.

I firmly believe that though the sad/negative/gory incidents must be reported they should at least be refrained from publishing on the front page. Of million people who read newspaper first thing in the morning, let us give them some hope, some positive to start the day with.

I was also shocked to see a full page debate on the topic “Do girl’s clothes tempt rapists?” and was even more shocked to see that there were equal number of people saying yes girl’s clothes do tempt rapist.  More shocking was the number of girls supporting the statement.  The debate was initiated by AP DGP V.Dinesh Reddy’s remark on cause for rise in rape cases.  Rape is a horrendous crime and a girl’s clothing or the lack of it is by no means an invitation to rape.  How to dress should be completely an individual’s prerogative, but having said that and when one lives in a society where there are people of all sorts, one should also dress for the occasion and place. There is no harm in being a little cautious. Being cautious does not mean loss of your freedom or snatching away of your rights to dress as you want. Rape can never be justified and associating a cause like dressing provocatively just makes the important issue at hand trivial. The focus should be on creating a better place; a better society to live in where in one can live without fear and dress without fear.

I also saw and read Anna Hazare recuperating from chest infection, doctors advising him not to fast in near future. I wish the aging crusader gets well soon, but his illness has come at the wrong time, it must be a jolt to all who thought that a Jan Lokpal would mean no corruption. I am wondering does anyone else in Team Anna have the mass appeal and courage to even fast for a day. God save India from corruption. I hope each one of us resolve to fight corruption on our own and feel shame that a 74 year old has to fast and led an anti-corruption moment to wake us from slumber.

It was also saddening to read about revelers molesting a girl as passerby looked on in the capital on New Year’s Eve. It just shows how back in time we are. The incident is not a onetime occurrence, it almost occur every New Year or I guess every day, reported in media or not. It is a shame!!

It is also a shame to learn about the diktat that non-Hindus may not enter the Jagannath temple at Puri. The name of the deity presiding the temple “Jagannath” means god of the world. Who are we to discriminate? And I am curious to know how one distinguishes a Hindu from a non-Hindu. Any answers? How misguided we are, when it comes to religion.

All I hope for this New Year is world peace, education for lesser privileged, and an award for me where I can deliver these words. Err…


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