Not done.. call me a male chauvinist but I am against it

I recently downloaded and read a part of the ‘Report of Dr Anil Kakodkar Committee’ on ‘Taking IITs to Excellence and Greater Relevance’.

Here are some key findings from the report

  1. In 2010, only 12% of those who qualified in the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) were women.
  2. This was a mere 6% just 5 years ago in 2005.
  3. In 2010, only 25% of those who appeared for JEE were women (this was 15% in 2005).
  4. The success rate in JEE is 3% for men, it is only 1% for women.

So the measures that will encourage women to seek entry into IITs considered essential and the recommendation made by the committee are

  • When there is a tie in total marks in JEE, the rank is decided by marks in individual subjects. It is recommended that whenever there is a tie in total marks, women may be ranked higher than men. Individual subject marks may then be used to rank within men and women as before. This will help women get better choices of branch. Also, some more women at the bottom of the merit list may benefit from such a system.
  • Women, who get admitted and are required to pay a fee, may be reimbursed 50% of the fee amount by the Government.


I find the recommendation unfair and unjust. I have been suffering from this unjust system since my childhood. In school, girls used to get more marks for presentation than the actual content, for conduct in school rather than actual performance in exam. In college by getting more sessional marks just because they never took part in GTs, were always on time and submitted assignments(though the assignment lacked everything) and that the fact that they were girls use to get them more marks in sessional.  How ridiculous. Even in one of the campus interviews 7 selections were made out of which all 7 were girls from a group of 20 people which got enlisted for final interviews( 7 girls in 20, all get selected). When I questioned the decision, the answer was to maintain a diversity and gender ratio at workplace, oh common, why shortlist boys then??

I am totally against these recommendations; in fact why not use the following or similar recommendations:

  1. Create more awareness among girls about JEE
  2. Let them have incentives for writing the exam, but when it comes to scoring and ranking it should be totally based on performance and not gender.
  3. Loan them money but do not reimburse the amount

2 thoughts on “Not done.. call me a male chauvinist but I am against it

  1. Totally agree bro. Don’t you think that by proposing these points, people who wrote the report are showing how much the underestimate women? But I am not sure if women will take it that way. Some will, for sure. But not all. Let’s see how it turns out.

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