AMRI fire, have we learned anything?

India Inc. has this uncanny knack of shocking me. On one hand we are this ever progressing, developing country on the verge of being developed ever since I remember, on the other hand incidents like the one that happened in AMRI Kolkata saddens me to the core, bring me back to ground reality…

Fire safety is one of the most ignored factors in today’s blooming real estate. You may seem new high rise, multistory apartments, and posh ready to occupy office building suits but does one even bother to check if appropriate fire safety precautions have been taken or not?

Indians are the most optimist people in the world, they are also the most courageous, and to top all of it, we have this amazing quality of “moving on with the life”, be it a break up with your girlfriend, you losing your job, hundreds of people getting killed in terror attacks or 93 and counting people blazed and dying because of sheer negligence.  We just move on. We make mistakes, but the problem is we never learn from them. We do not even try.

Of all the people in the world, I thought and believed that people in IT industry who have all the information at a key stroke to them would be more sincere towards fire safety, but watching a fire safety DRILLL in a neighboring office through my office window was another shocker.

People were walking as if they were taking a stroll in a garden; few people were even carrying coffee cups in their hands. Even in my previous organization the approach to the fire safety drill were so lethargic. People thought of it as a time off from work; some thought it was distraction; some even tried to hide in the washroom, how stupid…

The organizations announce beforehand that it is a drill because they do not want employees to panic. But what would happen in case real fire broke out? How many of us really know how to operate a fire extinguisher?  Many of my friends think it is simple and there are always the instruction written on it. But my friends, when the fire breaks out, would you even get the time to read the instructions?

It is easy to blame the administration in case of a hazard, it is right as well, they are responsible, they should be punished, condemned, but at a very minute level, we have some responsibility as well. We should ask questions, but we don’t. How many of us know the fire exits in our favorite shopping malls? Have we ever checked or glanced at the instructions, expiry date mentioned on the red colored cylinder placed at some remote corner of our offices?


3 thoughts on “AMRI fire, have we learned anything?

  1. I will not act as if I am not one of them… I also find fire drill a great time to see all girls in office at one place..there I said it.. but the point you made is true. And believe me, I am carefree at fire drill only because I don’t see a fire (and I have done it properly when it was done for first time).

    Sad to hear the fire news. 😦 Not sure if relevant, but see today’s Pune Mirror cover story. There was an bloody (literally) incident in a building and not a single sole (soul 😉 ) helped them 😦

    1. he he… so very you Suda.. yea thats a good excuse reason where/how else you have all the girls gathered at one place? I stopped reading Pune mirror since the day I have left Pune.. will read it now..

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