Occupy Wall Street

Few days(or months??) ago, I wake up to watch this new movement called Occupy wall street and slowly it started spreading like a virus. There was even an attempt to Occupy Dalal Street, the Indian equivalent of Wall Street. Twitter was full of #OccupyWallStreet hashtags; Facebook was full of updates, the movement created a buzz at least on the web world.

occupy wall street

I am writing this post just to discredit and discard anyone who wants to take the credit of starting the movement.

The occupy movements have been a part of Indian history from time immemorial.Be it the farmer neta Mahendra Singh Tiket occupying streets of Delhi, to Anna Hazare, Baba Ramdev occupying it.

And specifically the Occupy Walls and Occupy Streets movements have been part of Indian history and culture from long.

We have occupied almost every wall created, be it from the stains of spitting sweet, banarasi paan, tobacco, and whatever that can be spitted

paan stains

To random, funny, Hinglish, graffiti, puneri patyas

puneri patya

To pee on walls where it is specifically mentioned not to urinate

dont pee dont pee on walls

Have not we been occupying walls from so long and regularly?

Ditto with streets, streets are occupied by eve teasing idiots, encroachments by parking, by street side vendors, cattle and what not…

encroachmentcattle on the road

So it is India and Indians who have been Occupying walls and streets from hundreds of years.


One thought on “Occupy Wall Street

  1. The U.S is not a free country anymore, SOPA is not the only thing that makes the U.S seem more and more of a police state. I’ve written a post about the other things they did and currently doing that makes the U.S feel less and less secure for the average citizen.

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