Story of a fat guy

He weighed 43 kg standing tall at a height of 4 feet 11 inches when measured during a medical test in his school. He was in 12th standard then, barely entering into the normal weight category. (as per BMI)

When entering his B.E college a year later, he again underwent a test and found out that surprisingly he was weighing 63 kg with his height being 5 feet 8 inches, he was comfortably normal weight. (as per BMI)

His first job made him appear for another test after 4 years of B.E and he weighed 67 kg at the same height.

A year later when he started to see a little paunch growing he weighed himself, the weight was 71 kg, on the border of normal weight threatening to be slight overweight.

Time flew by, he got married, spent a wonderful year.

One fine day he went to have lunch with some of his friends and everyone was fighting on who would pay the bills, an idea struck to them, whoever deviates more from his guess weight would pay the bill, they all went to a weighing machine in the restaurant(not a great idea to have a weighing machine in a restaurant) he guess his weight would have increased by 3-4 kg so he told 75 and stood on the machine and shockingly the machine displayed 83 kg. He had to pay the bill, the shock was more from the weight than to be made pay the bill.

Few years passed by all the fat from everywhere just got surrounded around the belly giving him a perennial pregnant look, still he didn’t care, he was OK with it. He even joked about it.

Today when he went and checked his weight it came to be 89.3 kgs, he is shocked, dumbfounded, doesn’t know what to do, when looked closely in the mirror he couldn’t recognize himself .

He asked me to write the blog so that he would feel some kind of shame, that would motivate him to reduce the weight.

Note: The identity of fat guy has been changed/hidden on his request.

Second note: No, he must be exposed, yes the shameful, fat, guy is none other than ME.


8 thoughts on “Story of a fat guy

  1. Story of my life!!! I was so thin in first two years of Engineering, that some people who met me now after 4-5 years simply did not recognize me 😀

    So you are 90! Cool. Aim for 1 क्विंटल 😛

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