Aishwarya and the baby

The day is not faraway when we would be blessed with yet another B. Yes after Big B, AB, ARB the B town and the entire India is geared up for the 7 star birth of the B baby.

“Seedhe aspatal se..”, “live & exclusive” , “First pictures”, so on and so forth…

India TV doing the “Janiye AB key Baby ke sitare”, “Bachchan ka bachpan” or some other crazy breaking news item.

It is a time when at least all the media will forget Jan Lokpal, Anti-corruption, India West Indies cricket series, other critical and important national issues.

Since the B baby is hopeful of being born in 2nd/3rd week of November he/she will be a scorpion like her, what will be the compatibility of mother/baby, father/baby and more importantly Grandpa/baby.

The entire nation is curious on whether it would be a girl a boy or a twin, if its is twin would be a girl/boy, a boy/boy or a girl/boy combo, some news channel will run a debate that it can be a boy/girl combo as well.

Is 11.11.11 a good or a bad day for the baby to be born?, would it be C-section or a normal delivery? would media be allowed to click pictures?if not, at what rates the pics will be sold. Would Mr Shatrughan Sinha be invited for the baby’s cradle ceremony or would Mr B just send sweet boxes around?

 Who would tweet first about the baby? What blog will Big B write..

Are you waiting?…..

aishwarya and the baby

Aishwarya and the baby

Added later: Not everyone understands sarcasm.


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