Pune police

My friend called me yesterday to ask what are my plans for coming Friday.

I told him I would be going to my home town for Diwali vacation, why? what’s up?

He replied that he got a call/summon from Pune police to appear in the district court on coming Friday, for a case that he registered almost one and half-year/ two-year earlier against an underage guy with lot of influence, for rash driving.

I was one of the witness of the incident and since I knew Marathi I went with him to lodge the FIR.

I was not surprised when the police lodged a FIR without many questions because the “underage guy with lot of influence” had actually said “tu mujhe janta nahi hai, tujhe jya pure thane, sab police walo ko dekh lunga”. (You don’t know me, you will suffer the consequences).

Although we both have left Pune, and it is nearly 2 years since the FIR was lodge, I am surprised/shocked to know that the Pune police is still following the case.

I don’t know if I should be happy that they are still following the case, were able to track my friend in Hyderabad or sad at their efficiency that they took nearly 2 years to call him up.


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