1 time management tip

I am very punctual and I have had serious time management issues.

I know these two statements seem contradictory, but I will explain “how they are not” in some other post.

The first line is to give a context to this post and this post is about a time management tip that I want to share with you which has helped me a lot, and I am sure which might prove useful to you as well.

People around me hate me because every time I am trying to explain something I rarely directly get to the point, I first build a context, then start explaining. I guess because of reading too many books I have started doing this “पहले भूमिका बांधना पड़ती है !! ” stuff.

Stopping this beating around the bush business (ahh from how long I was looking forward to use this phrase), I will share the tip now:

1. Prepare a list.

Seem very simply, but is very effective. What I do is as soon as I get into office or even at home is I prepare a list of to-do items in my diary. I write it down instead of creating it in outlook or on some other computer based tool.

By writing everything that I have to do and by updating the list as things come up, striking off things that are completed, I ensure that I have not missed anything for the day and when I head back home I am content that all my to-do items are striked out.

A list can be prepared for almost everything you do, for buying grocery etc

It also helps me prioritizing things and thus saves me lot of time. I invest 10 minutes of my time in morning to save at least an hour in entire day, good ROI.

P.S: Perceptions, one of my friends call it a waste of time and thinks that it improves his memory to remember everything he wants to do in his mind.


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