Fooling Consumers

Indian consumers are naive. I wanted to use a stronger word than naive but for time being let us just carry on with naive.

In order to reduce consumption of plastic carry bags, Hyderabad city shops have started a unique initiative, instead of giving plastic carry bags for free, they sell it, for 3 rs each.

Now you may be wondering, how does it reduce the usage of such bags, to this their answer is simple,  since its cost 3 rs, people prefer to carry their own bags when they come to shop and they do not use our/new plastic bags.

What a wonderful initiative, isn’t it? So eco-friendly..

What the naive consumer does not know is, the forgetful habit of his/her, so instead of not using plastic carry bags he/she ends up buying it for 3 rs.

The production/recycling cost of the bag would not be more than 50 paise, so all you math wizards and economist, calculate the percentage margin/profit that they are making when you buy one carry bag.

Irrespective of the amount of purchase that you have done, irrespective of the brand/showroom you are buying it from you would have to shell out anywhere between 3-7 whopping rupees .

I am not sure if they provide you with a bill of your 3 rupee purchase.

ridiculous how businesses fool people and nobody seems to care or do anything about it.


11 thoughts on “Fooling Consumers

  1. This is not restricted to Hyderabad but prominent across India…I believe the blam has to be put on government for enforcing the act about not supplying plastic bags freely to customers because before this act came into play the businesses were giving these bags to you free of cost….In my opinion the businesses were making money then also and even now….So the real target should be the bloody government and not businesses

    1. to an extent I agree with you, earlier businesses were not making money as they were giving it for free, but now they have found another way to earn money, ditto is the case with parking charges..

  2. This is in Mumbai too! Besides i understand it is a Govt regulation in force that has been implemented by mandate and not an individual decision. Shoppers Stop billed me the 3 Rupee charge. Disciplining Indians on matters of environment and garbage disposal is a lost cause – the Govts have provided the proverbial ‘stick’ – how effective it will be is anyone’s guess!

    1. A mandate? Really? Didn’t see it implemented in Pune and at Indore..
      I believe, charging money is not a solution to discipline people. There should be other ways. It is by no means curbing usage. I don’t see the usage reducing? is there a way we can get a statistics on how much the consumption usage is reduces post this mandate?

      But shoppers stop billed you that 3 rupee, that was good, at least they are billing it.

      1. I read about the mandated regulations in some newspaper. In fact Shoppers Stop also SMSed me and informed me about the new regulation – I went with one shopping bag – but my dear wifey bought more than it can hold! ha ha! and I had to pay for one extra bag!

      2. Ok, they might have mandated it, but have they also decided the prize of the bag? Because it varies from store to store? is VAT and service tax included?? or is it tax exempt to save the envirnment 🙂
        I think I am getting overboard with this…

        I would say you were lucky that you have to buy just one extra! taking wifeys to shoppers stop can be detrimental to one’s pocket and yea now everyone’s environment 🙂

  3. In a shop in Inorbit mall Pune, they charge Rs 10 extra 😀 and people buy them… Why can’t they supply some eco-friendly material bags for Rs 10 instead?

  4. The prices of the bag is same across all the stores and yes it is a mandate from ministry of environment and they do add it in the bill.

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