Better late than never.

I remember somebody telling me about blogadda long back and the unique programs it had, but I simple refused to sign up. I didn’t even bothered to view up the site.

Today many of my fellow bloggers are reviewing books for blogadda, and suddenly I felt I should go and check out what made them do that, and how cool would it be to get a free book, and review it.

So finally I have registered to blogadda , signed up book review, sponsored review and blogger social responsibility (bsr).

Jealousy was one major reason for registering and not registering at blogadda.

1. I have had an idea/concept very similar to blogadda long long back, but couldn’t execute it, and I am honest in admitting that after I learnt about blogadda I felt bad, I should have felt good, but I didn’t. So this was the reason for not signing up on blogadda.

2. Since many of my fellow bloggers were getting books for free, I became jealous of them, I wanted it too. Free ka maal 🙂

so the 2nd jealousy took over the first, and here I am, even blogging about it. 🙂

Waiting for my 1st book @blogadda, hope you are reading this.



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