Does it really help?

I have recently moved to Hyderabad amidst the Telangana crisis, and honestly I as a common man, am really facing a lot of problems, power cuts, no fuel for my bike, shop-keepers, autowallahs cashing-in in the name of bandh to name a few.

I know all the Telangana people will say I am an outsider and I would not understand the pain that they have gone through ages, how the andhra( I am confused between seemandhra, rayal seema and likes) have exploited Hyd and other telangana regions.

My history is poor, so is my geography, and I and like me many people including those from Telangana and rest of the Andhra, DO NOT want to suffer, even if our suffering is termed as sacrifice, I am in no mood to do that( as though I have some choice).

4 hours of power cut? This is 2011 and I am in a so-called IT hub, what are we talking about? Ministers, KCR, does this power cut effect them too? I don’t think so..

What is all with shutting down schools, colleges, I am not much a fan of education system, but still it is a backbone, I mean even for fun one has to go to school/college…

And any ways we have lots of example of how many states have been divided and what is the ned result? Has Chattisgarh, Uttaranchal, Jharkhand made any siginificant progress? Do you really think having a separate Telangana state would mean an end to exploitation of poor? Do you really think it will make everybody from T-state prosper? Will having a new administration really help? Is it not just the aspiration of some politician to be CM, which he could not be in united Andhra??

My only questions are Why should common man suffer? Will having a separate T-state solve all the suffering? Is it really the first step?

Does it really help?


One thought on “Does it really help?

  1. I think it really helps. For example my home state Chattisgarh was formed 11 years ago and now there has been so much progress in industry, power, education etc. We hardly have power cuts there!

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