The Gandhi I Know

The Gandhi I know/M.K. Gandhi/ My Kewl Gandhi

I was first introduced to Mr. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi hereby referred as just Gandhi, as a man who is on every bill/note/currency.

Then I met him again during my primary schooling, as a part of my general knowledge book, I memorized the following things about him

1. Date of birth: Oct 2, 1869

2. Father/Mother: Karamchand Gandhi and Putli bai

3. Birth Place: Porbandar, Gujarat

And that he helped get us freedom from British raj and he was called father of the nation

During my middle/high school he was again introduced to me in 2 forms, one in a history book, and 2nd as a compulsion, extra things to mug up, scoring chance as 2 additional biographical books in Hindi.

The book was biased I must say and it did not truly represented what the Mahatma stood for, it was a mere date by date presentation of some historical events.

By the time I was in college, I had mixed understanding of him, some of my friends hated him, some blamed him for the partition, some simply adored him, so when I got to read his auto biography, “My experiments with truth”, I was surprised at the sheer courage the man displayed.

Writing truth is one thing and writing truth that says ” I was ashamed for having sex with kasturba, while my father was dying in another room”, was out of this world. I admire this man simply for his courage, how many people in this world can take the courage to write something similar?

I got re-introduced to him, not to him but to his philosophy in a very interesting  way called “Gandhigiri”, the word created a so-called storm and in very small way it did had an impact much like the Mahatma.

Now all I know about Gandhi is “SHE” gave her first public appearance to pay him tribute, “HE (SHE’S SON) is a young leader to be a PM”, worth it or not I am not sure, specially after reading the letter to him from an IIT-ian. I can’t authenticate the letter myself but if it is even 1% true, I don’t like where India is going.

For sure I liked the older Gandhi that I met on a currency note, in my books and not the Gandhi’s that are on display on TVs..

Happy Birthday Mahatma…


4 thoughts on “The Gandhi I Know

  1. I don’t know who should be our leaders, but I damn sure know who should not be.. And yes, Gandhigiri concept was nearly as revolutionary as Satyagrah in past.. Happy birthday M.G.

  2. True. They’re just capitalizing on the name “Gandhi” when they’re not even his descendants.

    Yes, I agree. I like the “Gandhi that I met on a currency note, in my books” too.

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