Forgetful Indians

I am going to do a lot of generalization in this post of mine…

We Indians are very forgetful, right from our childhood we have been thought to ignore/forget bad things that happen to us and remember only good things.

We have also had songs like “Bhul ja jo hua usse” and move one…

And we really take this very seriously.

We keep forgetting things, but once in a while, we do keep a tab and bring back the memories.

I am trying to bring some not so happy moments

1. Kasab and other terrorist entered India and carried on the horrendous massacre.

We forgot, Kasab is still eating his biryanis in jail and no one really cares.

2. The last attack on Mumbai, the blasts in Delhi

We forgot, many blogged, talked, but what has happened? we moved on.. is there any lead in this cases?

3.  Jan Lokpal, the fight against corruption

Where are we now? Thanks to media, but I don’t know what Annaji ate today(or didn’t eat) or what was his latest statement, few days back, all I got to hear was fight against corruption

4.  Adarsh scam?

Did all the files go missing or are there any still pending?

5. Injuries

Did Harbhajan, Gautum forget that they had injuries while playing for India but miraculously recovered for CLT20 and would be injured again for future Indian tours

I love Sachin, but I heard stories that he might be available for sem-finals in CLT20 and he is rested for first 2 ODIs, what was he even doing in the dug out, shouldn’t he be resting and taking care of his toe?

We will soon forget 2G, commonwealth , UP Land grabbing, etc. Once in a while, some news channel might report, some news paper might carry stories, some insane bloggers like me might post the Gibberish, but we will forget everything, without bringing it to a logical end.

Why am I writing this post?? 😉 😉


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