Friend: Did you check out the review of the xyz movie that my friend wrote? It’s hilarious…

Me: Send me the email….

Friend: Email? Go check out his blog.. here is the URL….

Me(wondering) : Blog?? writing reviews?

I checked out the blog, found it funny, and thought what the heck, if this guy can do it, I can do it as well..I can write too..

And I started my first blog titled Serendipity , wrote my first post about ‘Life’. It amazes me every time I read that post, it was my first piece of writing not counting the essays that I have written in my school days.

I forwarded the link to my friends, but surprisingly got a unknown visitor called JOSI, who commented with a quote from Saint Exùpery and made me her “new friend” with “Kiss Josi” as her signature .

My friends were kind enough to write nice encouraging comments and I wrote a couple more posts on the blog.

I again started writing on wordpress and have continued on this blog hence..

I started writing abt cricket, wrote some movie reviews, poems, 55ers, fictional short stories, mostly gibberish, did some posts on how ganeshotsav and the hawkers in Pune are making life difficult for people, which were publish by Pune mirror.

Wrote about autorickshaws’ and bottle gourd to stupid posts like I am back. Even started a blog displaying my pencil sketches.

Number of visitors kept growing, people came and commented..

Got few fellow bloggers to comment frequently, I started visting other blogs and became a regular reader and use to comment on at least 20 blogs, and then one day I suddenly lost  interest in blogging, number of vistors got less and less on my blog, no comments on my new posts which I randomly posted.

No access to wordpress and blogger from office meant could not read those while at work 🙂 🙂 

Understood that some bloggers believe in “Mutual reading”  yo sratch my back I will scratch yours philosophy.. some still visited and commented on my quirky gibberish.

Made few friends, lost few, met some bloggers at Mumbai..

I am writing this post to say thank you to everyone who has ever visited my blog. You have made a difference, an impact in my life.

And I am going to put in more efforts, sincere efforts to write well, write regularly, and make your reading experience fun. I wish I could inspire someone to write, start their own blog.

And I am also going to hunt for all those links, fellow bloggers whom I have lost the touch with.

I hope my blogging journey continues and on its way I make thousand new friends…



7 thoughts on “Blogging

  1. Good thinking… I have few (read:two) dedicated readers who do not need me to scratch their back(or anything else) lol 😀 I am one of yours..I will tell you when I get itchy 😉

    BTW, Theme बदला राव… लई बोर वाटतीय..

  2. I kept a tab on your blogging from Google reader (god bless google) and I too have faced “you scratch my back, i scratch yours” phenomenon. But such is online world. I too have made a lot of good friends online and enjoy this virtual life.

    I loved you sketching wala blog but there is no update on it since eons!!! try reviving that na!

    1. thanks Sakhi!! unfortuanetly I did not had access to google reader, and by the time I use to get back at home from office, I was so tired that reading blogs were last thing on my mind.
      But god bless my new company!! 🙂 and yes,there are no updates because I did not sketch anything, I am going to start sketching again, thanks for reminding !! 🙂

  3. actually blogging IS a two way street!! especially when you are just a normal blogger ..not extraordinary like the famous, elite ones. So there is nothing wrong with that back scratching philosophy! I put in a lot of effort in reading and commenting. even when I go on a break I try to cover as many posts on each and every blog I read; so I will of course expect something in return. But there are many who dont reciprocate. Yet I remain faithful to the blogs I have been reading since I came in this world. But then thats just me..bit crazy.
    Just writing and not reading-commentating on others and expecting others will come and read is kinda selfish too!

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