My Fight against Corruption

Corruption is not in ‘a’ system, a system can hardly be corrupt, it may be weak, it may have loop holes which create scope for corruption but per se a system cannot be corrupt.

Corruption is a personal characteristic. It is deep rooted within an individual and not a system, and personally I feel any Jan Lokpal bill, fasts, protests, rallies, and candle light marches, shouting slogans, wearing fancy Tees can remove or even be the first step towards removing or eradicating corruption.

A corruption free India/World will be and is a myth.

Each one of us will have to rise and make a promise to ourselves that we will take baby steps against corruption and I say baby steps because corruption is so deeply inculcated in us right from our birth and it will not be overstatement to say from the inception of human being that it cannot be eradicated in day. Rome was not built in a day.

The main issue I feel is we have become used to corruption just like Mumbai and its spirit is become used to terror attacks. Many of us blogged, talked and did what not post last terror attack, but does any one of us even thought about the bomb blast in recent weeks? Questioned where is investigation going and what is government doing? We seem to have taken it into our stride. Ditto with Corruption.

The only good thing I see about this mass awakening movement is people are realizing that corruption exists; it is evil and should be removed. People may ridicule me saying everyone knows corruption exists, but I beg to differ. As I said earlier it is so deep routed that we do not even realize that some of our daily chores and acts are nothing but contributions to corruption.

We even take pride in some of our corrupt acts, “I paid the traffic cop just Rs 20 for jumping the red signal”.

“I got my driving license for 4 wheeled vehicles with gears for mere Rs 300 without even going to the RTO and that too at the age of 14.”

Corruption has become synonymous with convenience. Will we, who ever strive to lead a convenient life be able to get up and move away from corruption? Answer honestly, when one can get away by paying Rs 100-Rs 200 for a traffic rule violation will he/she prefer to do this or lodge a police or a Lokpal complaint? Can Lokpal really instill fear among corrupts?

Corruption is a personal choice and unless we are determined to remove it from our own psyche we cannot do away with it. I am skeptical that most people even know what actually the Jan Lokpal bill is? Why is and for what is Mr. Anna Hazare protesting? Is to fight against corruption? Is it against the imposing restrictions to his protest? Is it for presenting his or the civil society’s bill into Parliament? Or is it for the inclusion of Prime Minister in the ambit of Lokpal?

To many people it is cool and hap to “Like” groups and Facebook pages supporting Anna and he protests, to tweet about it. Many young friends of mine and Lays with its “flirtopedia” ad feel that the candle light is a great opportunity to flirt and make the candle light vigil a platform for some candle light dinner. But I believe it is time to introspect and change ourselves. “Pehle Khud ko Badlo”.

I am not against Anna Hazare, I am not supporting government’s take either, but with all due to respect I ask my friends not to send me any invitations for candle light events, rallies, walks, chains, songs or likes.

In my fight against corruption I am planning to change myself first.


2 thoughts on “My Fight against Corruption

  1. You have done the right thing, Sharad! Not joining the candle march is not opposing the uprising. I do wish that the youngsters who are today joining such demonstrations and singing songs, shouting slogans also take a personal pledge to do their bit to reduce corruption in our society. Like you did! But I also do hope that the scenes enacted on the streets of all our cities become effective messages to those in power that the public has had enough of their fraudulent ways of embezzling the ex-chequer. Some fear of exposure/action/litigation/punishment for indulge in such mammoth scams is also needed. But by far it is millions of such small efforts on the part of each and every one of us that will go a long way to free ourselves from corruption in our lives! Wishing power to your own movement!

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