What if??

Wife: Did you hear it?

Me: What?

Wife: explosions in Mumbai?

I was shocked.. and sad, and deeply hurt. My heart said, not again, I am still shocked, sad and depressed, I am not sure what to say, write, read or do..

As a common man is there something I can do? Because our government seem to do nothing. Shall I pick up arms? Fight terror with guns and weapons, violent means? Will that be helpful?

I am way past the age limit to join military, it would take me many years to qualify as an IPS and join the police force, I do not have a means to start a private security agency and I know it is not feasible in India to have a private agency fighting terror.

Or shall I do something peacefully, protest, sit on hunger strike, raise awareness,will that help? Do I have that patience to do all this?

I can leave my IT job, join politics and try to bring a change, but looking at current political scenario, I am afraid I am not qualified, I will be gone, vanish in thin air..

I wonder if I or for that matter someone has any guts to do what Naseeruddin Shah did in the movie A Wednesday, it was a movie after all, I am sure the government who is so incapable in fighting against terror will so capably find me out.

What am I supposed to do? post a condolence message on facebook, twitter, orkut? write a blog post about it? abuse government for not doing anything? Sympathising with everyone who lost something or someone in the attack? I am afraid I do not know what to do.

I do not understand how anyone with a heart in place and a mind to think can carry out such a brutal, cruel thing? But then I get the reply as soon as I think this.. well when someone can rape a 2-year-old girl, kill and chop people into pieces and show no remorse, kill for 1 rupee and at times for overtaking a car… I know people can be cruel. There would be many and more cruel examples.

This gets me in to thinking, what is that makes a person take this extreme cruel step? Hasn’t someone done some research to understand the psyche of a person who is involved in doing this? If yes, what are the results? are there any concrete conclusion? What can be done to ensure people do not do cruel things?

Is education an answer? Do educated people commit crime? Of course yes, they do.. so the question still remains.. what can be done? what should be done? to save innocent lives.

I do not think any animal kills if not for hunger or sense of danger then in self-protection, but then what makes human kill? rape? steal?

Is the underlying reason just hunger, physical needs? or do people commit crime to satisfy their emotional needs?

Uff.. I am afraid I cannot come to any conclusion.

The reason that is making me depressed like hell is, tomorrow we will forget all that happened, life will move on, it should, but we will forget, our abuses, condolences, will just remain a post on facebook, a tweet, a blog post, an update on orkut and few emails and sms. But can the families of innocent people who lost their lives, limbs, are hurt.. can they? can they forget? Will this terror attack be just an online posting for them?

God forbid, but what if…what if tomorrow it is one of us? one of our family members?  Do not avoid this what if…

Are we going to do something about it. I am afraid, the answer is NO.

Tomorrow, I will be attending early morning meetings, you will be busy teaching, blogging, social networking, studying, playing, reading, working, cooking. coding, etc etc…life would return to normal, it would be just another day in our life.

but someone out there in Mumbai.. would be burying someone, cremating someone, tendering to their injured kin in hospitals, searching in the missing persons section, Life will not be same for them anymore, it will not be Just another day for them, and all this punishment just because they were at the wrong place at wrong time??

I do not think I would be able to sleep for days…call me sadist, but I do not want you who are reading this to sleep either..WAKE UP.. and read the question again..

what if tomorrow it is one of us? one of our family members?


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