Pune rickshaws -3

Shame Shame Shame!

There is a limit to everything and Pune’s autowallahs have crossed all such limits. I really feel shameful to talk about it.

I always use to think that even if you cheat there should be a limit to your cheating.

For instance take Raja, Kalamadi for that matter what are they gonna do with all the crores of rupees?

On Friday a youth from Manipur was charged Rs 5800 for a distance of 1 km in Pune by an autowalla. Limit!!!

I agree that he was stupid to pay the sum but still how could even they think of charging such huge amount.

5800 bucks for 1 km which should have just 10 or at max 20 rs. 5800 is more than return airfare of Delhi-Pune route.

More details about the incident could be read here.

My hatred towards Pune autorickshaws and autowallahs is now reaching a limit 🙂


2 thoughts on “Pune rickshaws -3

  1. You know, I wouldn’t have believed this otherwise, but after spending 3 n half years in Pune, I am damn sure this is true 😀

    Welcome back dude! (now go and welcome me back 😛 )

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