IPL Auction

Auction: Is a public sell of something to the highest bidder.

I never thought people could be auctioned. The only ‘People’ auction I heard was of slaves.

I had watched very keenly the recent IPL Auction…ok every IPL Auction but the latest one was a shocker.

One for players of the likes of Sourav Ganguly was unsold. I am sure he doesn’t deserve it and I am not sure how he must be feeling now.My heart goes to Kaif who was made such a fun of…I do not understand of why him among all the other be put on sale for 3 times?

People with hard cash were making a mockery of serious cricketing talent.Some went from rags to riches and some got humiliated with the tag of ‘Unsold’.

I never really thought that so much money could affect someone’s commitment of playing for ones nation. But now we have the example of likes of Pollard, Gayle who have refused the central contract of their nations and playing for various 20-20 leagues.

I am still shocked with the money that bloke called Ravindra Jadeja got. OK I might have some prejudice against him but still is he really worth it.

Modi might have left, but he made his presence felt, the glamor the razzmatazz was still there..

IPL is not cricket but business with fun.

The hurting thing is it gives a platform to play for India to even some undeserving talent.


3 thoughts on “IPL Auction

  1. IPL was never about playing for India. Even playing in the Indian team is not much about playing for the country – I found this out the hard way after the match fixing scandal was exposed. IPL is sheer entertainment, and is doing a good job of entertaining people!

    Destination Infinity

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