S was outgoing by nature; she was the “life” at the office.

She was a genius when it came to troubleshoot issues and was a great programmer.

If you are in doubt ask “S” was the motto in her project.

When she got promoted over 2 of her male colleagues, they cried foul.

Gossips had it that she was sleeping with the project manager.


“A” was one of the dumbest yet the cutest girl in the college.

She barely managed to score 65% overall, thanks to the internal assessment where she scored 90%.

She got recruited in the campus interview; fellow students were not surprised to see the interviewer was a guy in his early thirties.

She kept getting promotions, she had found her way… it was so easy, just sleep with your boss to get promoted and sleep with your sub ordinates to get your work done from them.

Everyone one was happy.


When “D” saw the new joiner “p” in his team he fell in love.

He knew that he should keep relationships off office but he could not help.

Soon they started meeting over coffee, having lunch together.

One day D asked “P” out for dinner. It was one of the loveliest dinners they both had.

One thing led to another and soon they started dating, more often than not they would wake up next to each other.

When “D” promoted “B” strictly on the basis of merit, “P” was furious. She wanted the promotion for herself.

“D” and “P” fought a lot over the issue and later “P” filed a case of sexual harassment. “D” lost the job.


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