Little T was just 5 when he started to differentiate gender. At home in front of some guests he touched his *private part* out of curiosity and started asking questions. His mom was embarrassed and asked little T to stop touching it.

When little T didn’t, her mom shouted, “Mom will not talk to you, if you continue doing so…”


“If you will finish your homework before 6 you can go to play, else you will have to help me cook.”

She started writing faster as soon as she heard these words come from her mother.


There are many such incidents when we ask for something in return or we say will do xyz favor if you do this?

Is it not blackmail? Is it required? Is there any alternative?

The effect of this is amazing though…


4 thoughts on “Blackmail

  1. It’s not necessary at all. In fact,it’s bad. It’s equivalent to teaching kids that there should always be an “either/or” for everything!

  2. Kandhon ko kitabon
    Ke bojh ne jhukaya
    Rishvat dena to khud
    Papa ne sikhaya
    99% marks laaoge to ghadi, varna chhadi

    This is the real reality of Indian parents…and I believe it will take real time to change this mentality.

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