Honor killing

Honor killings are murders by families on family members who are believed to have brought “shame” on the family name. This “Shame” is mostly marrying someone whom the family did not approve of. (About Marriage.com)

Google search even suggests “Honor killing methods”, I am not blaming Google, and frequently searched terms automatically start appearing in suggestions. But isn’t it weird, I am wondering why will someone search for such methods?

(Google suggestions is very interesting, a post on it some other time.)

The “someone” is usually from a different caste/religion, or of the same gotra.

Microsoft Word does not recognize the word gotra, no surprise on this.

Here is short conversation two of my friends had about honor killing

A: Same gotra means same lineage, means they are brother and sister, how can they marry? He should then be called a sister f***** and she a brother f***** (laughing at his own joke.)

B: Haha really? You mean every girl from your gotra is your sister, then why were you ogling the girl next door, I know she is from same gotra as yours. And what is the semi nude poster of the famous bollywood actress in your room doing? I know what you do looking at that poster. Isn’t she from the same gotra as yours? Shouldn’t you be a called a sister f***** as well?

A: There are scientific explanations to it too, the DNAs get terrible if such a thing happens, their kids will all be screwed up, and she will have trouble conceiving.

B: Really? I wonder what children of Adam and Eve must have gone through? Or I guess even they ate some apples?

A:  Whatever, why do they have to marry when their family is against it, I know no one will be happy, neither the family nor the couples.

B: oh great, so now you can predict future as well, good, how many people will live happily if they will marry against their own wish? And will the families be happy in that case?

A:  (eyes wondering, thinking thinking thinking…)

B:  How can you justify the killing of innocent people for false pride and honor? Is the honor restored by killing? Or in the first place is the honor really lost if you marry someone not from your caste/religion or of same gotra as yours?

A: Even some honorary MP’s have opposed same gotra marriage and backed certain panchayats .

B: They have done this to garner votes, save their own honor, if they will oppose the panchayats in their own mainland, panchayats will kill him for honor as well.

A: OK, too much of this, why should we care, my marriage will be arranged, your girlfriend is of same caste different gotra so you will not have any issues, come let’s go and have some drinks.

B: sure yea..Looked like we had a news hour debate with Arnab Goswami, of course like there, we did not allow him to talk here too..lol let go..

And like Arnab and rest of us, ,A&B had heated discussion about it, but finally they did not care and had a nice drinking session later.


3 thoughts on “Honor killing

  1. Even I fail to understand the Gotras…if human beings developed gradually out of apes (and in turn apes from some other beings..), it itself means it all started from a single cell, and later- it spread when males mated females. If each and every human being on earth goes on searching for his ancestors, getting a few lakh years back, we may discover to have a common male and female ancestor, so all human beings are brothers and sisters in that sense 🙂

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