Rain Rain

I love rainy season.

The smell of earth when first few drops quench its thirst is mind blowing. I always felt that someone should recreate the smell and sell it as a perfume. I would not spray it but would surely love to smell it once in a while.

It is wonderful to sip coffee and watch it rain from the office/home window.  Smoking hot tea and garma garam pakodis are a wonderful delight.

Sometimes I feel I should get out of the office and join the kids who are playing outside in the rain.

It is been years since I have played football in rain.

With all the fun and joy associated with rain there is this little troubling aspect to it.

Rains are not to be blamed; the administration and the people, including me are to be.

The streets get over flooded, traffic jams, potholes, dangerous manholes, dead roads to name a few.

It usually takes me 25-30 minutes to reach home at peak hours, but when it rains the time goes to an amazing 2 hours.

Reason half the streets are flooded, people avoid travelling on the left hand side as there is a danger of any man hole for rain water drainage be left open.

Cars travel on cycle tracks, 2 wheelers trying to sneak in from any possible way. Traffic signal not working. Traffic cops went missing. Everyone is in a hurry, unwanted overtaking,

One elderly had already died falling into an open man hole. I have seen at least 3 cars on my way stuck into mud yesterday. 2 wheeler skidding and falling. Big vehicles splashing water on people standing on roadside. Auto wallas driving rash.

Chaos Chaos Chaos.

Is someone listening?


3 thoughts on “Rain Rain

  1. True. I love rain too. And I hate it when people blame the rains for the chaos that follow!

    Guess each locality should make sure the roads in their area are well maintained and everything. That’s the only way out. 😦

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