Break Time

Sunday, 6 AM, you are in office, examining a code.

You sip some coffee and you hear a sound, a windows alert, one you get when you leave a mandatory field blank (“Invalid Email!!”)

Searching for the source of sound, you discover it was your burp. Shocking!!

You realize it’s time to take a break.


11 thoughts on “Break Time

      1. I don’t understand how you guys do it! Coffee relaxes me and puts me off to sleep 🙂
        Tea is mildly stimulating… just enough to not let me cross over.
        I can keep up all night without anything going inside me. Maybe popcorn. And Coke. But not those usual beverages!
        I’m weird like that.

      2. u r weird but true to certain instant.. its not all about keeping awake… while working night shifts one is advised to keep munching something.. to keep the metabolism going..and u cant keep coke cold all night long but in office u can get hot tea/coffee always… 🙂

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