After returning to Pune from his visit to UK, he was surprised not to find his fiancée on airport.

When he went her home, her parents told him plainly, “Only after a certificate from Naidu hospital, you will be allowed to meet her.”

Finally when they met, he kissed her, but only through the mask.

Kissing through mask.

Note: Image is from Google Images..


22 thoughts on “Precaution

    1. It might look like a joke… but sadly it isn’t ..

      just ask me what am I going through commuting to office daily, when Naidu hospital is on my way, so is Ruby and Jehangir.!!

  1. Ha Ha… that was such a sensible act. 😛
    Pune is the worst hit city.

    But I wonder how could you locate the matching picture.

    Good 55 word fiction.

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