Currently… The worst thing in my life is working in night shifts…
Though it has brought me some relief, in form of less (read as NO) work, so I have all the time in world to read some blogs, and of course to read books.

Yes I carry 2 books with every night and try to finish them off.
So one can say I am enjoying it…

Back to the title of the post…

Me and one security guard, who uses the conference room to have a nice sleep are the only 2 creatures, in the big 8 floored building, during the night.

Well I was deep in reading “Sherlock Holmes” and finding out the truth before he could, when I heard a “Knock, Knock, Knock” on the window panel of my 3rd floor office. I will be honest… for a minute I was scared.

I mean who other than the devil himself will knock on a window located at 3rd floor. I thought it must be my mind playing games with me and went back to Sherlock, but to my horror, there were 3 knocks again on the window.

The curtains were drawn, and I was absolutely sure that whoever it was could not see me from outside. I gathered all the courage in the world, and went to the window, “3 similar knock again.”

I slightly removed the curtain and was shocked to see a man similar to my build was staring at me… phew… out went my courage…but intelligence took over, and told me, it was my own image in the glass. I bravely had another attempt to see who it was…


To my relief, I found a bird with a big beak knocking the glass…

Night shifts and its effects…

note: the image is taken from ImageShack (


14 thoughts on “Scary!!!

  1. Welcome back sharad.. 🙂 though I am late in welcoming you please accept it.
    and night shifts are both bliss and evil.. it will ruin our health… good that you have less(read as no) work 😆
    great that you are back and sorry for not coming to your space early 😦

    1. well it should be me who should say “Welcome back Kanagau”, one is never late doing good things 😛

      night shift is surely evil for me…

      and no probs… keep visiting

  2. For a moment I was scared to see ur mirror image shown in the pic 😀

    On a serious note, this was nicely narrated and was able to imagine the scene very well before my eyes.
    keep writing.

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