Tax..Sax…Sex return

Time for filing tax return…isn’t it?

While filing tax return on one of the portals we saw that gender of one of my friends was shown wrong, it was displaying ‘Female’ instead of ‘Male’.

We all, including my friend thought that his gender is mentioned as ‘female’ in the PAN card details.

I teased my friend, asking if he had undergone an operation or was it a technique to save some tax.

I along with few of my friends kept reminding him about his sex and that he could be jailed for providing wrong information, and income tax department will soon raid him.

Also, the news appeared in one of the English daily’s that a person can be imprisoned for 6 months for proving incorrect details of PAN card, while filing the returns.

We also told him that Mr. Nandan Nilekani is going to use PAN card details for generating the ‘Unique Identification’.

After all the teasing, and reading the newspaper article, he thought of having it changed. No he didn’t think of changing his sex, but the details in PAN card.

“I will change my sex soon”, was what he exclaimed to us yesterday, before we all broke into laughter.

He filed an online request “to change sex”. Drafting the application was very funny for us and embarrassing for him. First he wrote: “I want to change my sex…” I really could not control my laughter; I told him that the reply will be: “Kindly consult a doctor; we do not perform such operations”.

Thankfully, there was not much scope of writing anything in the modification form available online, one just has to check the checkbox for which modification is required and enter the correct value.

Finally after paying 94.00 rupees for the modification and 10 rupees for the post, he was happy, that his sex would be changed now.

But his embarrassment was not yet over, just to perform a check, he asked our company HR, if his sex is wrongly mentioned in the company’s database or in PAN card.

To our surprise, in our company’s record he was a “FEMALE”.
He is still unsure of his sex; I mean he is still unsure, if his sex is incorrect in PAN card details too.

Time for a sex check dude!!

Note: No harm was intended to the “DUDE” mentioned in the above article. The article is written upon his consent. Name of the “DUDE” has been withheld upon his request.


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