“Lift” karade

It was 10:30 PM, I got into the lift at my 6th floor office, along with a girl, whom I did not had any acquaintances, she was talking over the phone, and was standing very close to the lift panel. I too got a call from one of my old friend and was happy to talk to him after so long. After few minutes of talking, I suddenly realized, why is it taking so long to get to the ground floor, and to my surprise, neither me nor the lady had pressed the button for the ground floor. We got so indulged in our talking, that we simply forgot that the lift is not moving. Both of us had a great laugh about it.

The lift/escalator in my office building does not have good enough coverage of mobile network, and if we stand very close to the door, then only we can have some signal. My friend who was tired and sleepy after finishing his night shift and was receiving  some morning pep-talk over the phone from his girlfriend, got into the lift and stood close to door of lift so that the call does not get dropped. Funnily he forgot to press the down button and stood talking on the same floor, until 10 minutes.

There are two lifts in my office building next to each other. In evenings, some people go up from 3rd floor to 6th (cafeteria) and some go down to smoke and have tea from the tapari. Once a girl entered one of the lift, and was pleading over the phone, “Sorry, sorry, sorry, bas ek minute pe pahuch jaungi” (I will be there in a minute.) and too her embarrassment and my humor she exclaimed a loud “Sh**” when she came to know, that she had boarded the wrong lift in her hurry and was now on the ground floor instead of 6th.

You might have seen the below picture in many email forwards, many of us found this picture funny. But I found it really useful too.

In the building where my office is located, there are couple of other firms as well, and more often than not, I find people from other firms pressing the “Down” arrow at the ground floor, thinking that pressing it would call the lift down from upper floors. I really find it irritating because then, the lift closes and opens 2 times on the ground floor, if it does not go down to basement located on -1 and -2 floor levels. Is calling lift this difficult and confusing, if yes then the picture above is really useful.

And you might have read, what I think is funniest of all above in my post “Squeezed


4 thoughts on ““Lift” karade

  1. Yes, I agree with you on this picture. Have seen it before and always thought so for its usefulness.

    And that absent mindedness happens with all of us some time or the other . 🙂

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