Pune rickshaws -3

I am tired of writing my bad experiences with Pune auto rickshaws, they never seem to cease.
I don’t know, if it is the weather, the recession or simply my good luck, but I had a pleasant experience with the “Pune auto rickshaws”, well, may be just for a change. But when I have written badly about them, I also ought to write the good things. So here it goes..
I was working in a morning shift and it was already 6:25, I was getting late, I had to relieve the guy working in the graveyard shift. I was not at all surprised to find my vehicle tyre flat! It happens with me all the times. So I had to go to office by a rickshaw.
After the morning shift and then making people attend a talk show on “International Day against Drug abuse and illicit drug trafficking” at N.Wadia college,organized by the “Wake Up Pune” group, I was pretty tired. I was about to get home, when my wife reminded me of bringing some groceries. I went to a nearby Reliance Fresh outlet and bought some stuff.
As usual, no autowalla was willing to travel for small distance of 3.5 kms and I was refused by 3 of them. During all this times, an autowalla who was the last in the queue at the stand, was looking at me. Before I could ask him whether he would take me to where I want to go, he smiled at me and asked me to get inside. He told me, “Saheb, kuthe pan jaau, aamcha kaamch te”. (I will go anywhere you want me to, it’s my job.) I was pleasantly surprised to hear that from an autowalla and especially in Pune.
I told him, you are the first of your kind. I have never heard such words from a Pune autowalla. There were no bound to his joys when he heard those words, he immediately, called 2-3 people around him and told them what I just said, and happily started the rickshaw.
While en-route, he told me that he starts his work at 5 in the morning and if at 5 AM,he will refuse to someone, or ask for exorbitant sum of money, will it not spoil the entire day for that person. I was amazed, how can someone think so much about someone else’s day. Whatever he said was absolutely true. I had experienced it several times myself, and you might have too. It just spoils your entire day, if at the start of the day itself; you had an argument/fight with an autowalla.
He told me he had made a habit, that he will not refuse anyone and will only charge by meter, whatever the time of day.
I do not know why, I guess because I was talking to him, and had appreciated him, he told me that he has 2 kids at home and he was not always an autowalla. He told me that for past 15 years he was a vegetable seller, and use to have a good income from it, but he has to close the shop, as his shop was at the same place where the “Reliance Fresh” outlet now stands, right there, from where I bought the grocery and got into his auto.
He told me that his parents had to go back to his village as now the income was not enough for all of them. I was shocked again; he was smiling while saying that, and had no regret or remorse. He was still happy.
I asked him his name “Dilip Kamble, everyone knows me near the Reliance Fresh outlet.” he said, with some pride and I got down saying a thank you to him.
He said, “I wished there were more people like you”. (I don’t know what made him say that.) And I wished too.. That there were more people like him.


2 thoughts on “Pune rickshaws -3

  1. Recently I too had bad experience with autowalas of Pune.

    You were in Pune?? well.. anyone who has visitd Pune, will surelt have atleast one bad experience with them.

  2. Hey!! That was a nice experience. I have met a few Autowalas like that in Pune. There ARE more people like him. Most of them with every hair white. A few young Autowalas I know always try to behave themselves as the one you you met. But they are rare 😀

    Well this autowala also had plenty of grey hair 🙂

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