Night shifts

Working in night shifts take a toll on your body, your entire metabolism goes for a toss. The cons of working in night shifts surely win the race against the pros.

After working in night shifts for a week, I was tired, sleepy and dreamy.

Since I worked continuously for a week, my company was considerate enough to give me 4 days off.

The tiff between multiplex owners and bollywood produces, kept us at home and did some favor to our wallets. I thought of renting few DVD’s from bigflix, an excellent concept, certainly during these times, but then I thought, why movies, why not some good books, why not rent some books.

Blame it on my Google skills, but fortunately (???) I could not find a single website which will rent me books I want, at affordable price, and will deliver them free at home.

Someone has rightly said great ideas either occur in toilet or in between 2 AM and 4 AM. I decided to start a rental book service of my own.

I discussed it with my family and surprisingly enough for me, they agreed to it happily. I did some research, made some plans, did a lot of analyis, and finally invested some money to start a new book rental service called Bapat’s Rent Me A Book.

It would not only earn me some money, but will also help readers, who due to some reason, did not have enough time to go to libraries, book stores to get a book they want to read.

We @ Bapat’s Rent Me A Book provide you with a simple, free delivery, free pick-up rental book services.
Just call us, or send us a sms @ 9595081055 or email us @ and we promise you a guaranteed book delivery within 24 hours.

Currently we are operating out of Pune city, but expansion plans to some other cities do exist.

Note: I had not written a single post since last six months due to some personal and professional issues, and it was hurting me. The idea of rental book service, helped me overcome the writer’s block I was facing, and hopefully now I will be blogging regularly.


The service is owned by my wife, and I am involved only in providing her some morale support.


12 thoughts on “Night shifts

  1. Wow ! That’s some news !
    Welcome back and what good news it is to come with !
    Do you have a website as well to see the available books?

    Thanks Cuckoo , the website is under construction, We offer books in all categories, do let us know, what you would like to read, fiction, non fiction, self help, romance, film magazines, Hindi/Marathi magazines or books of any particular author and we will deliver the book to you within 24 hours.

  2. Nice idea and its great to see it implemented 🙂
    Best of luck!!!

    P.S. I hope you will be giving out Discount Coupons to your blog readers 😉 😀

    Thanks 🙂 I am expecting all blog readers in Pune to susbscribe first, discounts, special offers are always there 🙂

  3. Cooooooool man! I 🙂

    “Currently we are operating out of Pune city, ..”

    you prolly meant.. you are NOT operating out of pune city??

    All the best 🙂

    Operating out of Pune means -> Operating from Pune? ain’t it?

    for e.g, where does Mr. Y operates from? He operates out of our NY office.

    I might be wrong too.. need to google on it. Thanks Sakhi.

  4. Cooooooool man! I 🙂

    “Currently we are operating out of Pune city, ..”

    you prolly meant.. you are NOT operating out of pune city??

    All the best 🙂

  5. I have a doubt. Does your current employer’s policies allow you to start or be part of a business? I am not sure about it but my offer letter said so clearly. You may want to check the policies first. If you haven’t done so already! 😉

    Your doubt is genuine and no my employer’s policy does not permit me to start a business of my own. I have added a note at the bottom of the post. The service is entirely owned by wife, the idea was mine, implementation and execution hers. I am just to provide some morale support.

    1. Actually I should have warned you before. But I assumed you must have considered the possibility. But I am glad I reminded you today. Better late than never. Anyway, I checked with some of my friends, and they think that you are also not supposed to advertise the business where the employer can see it. 😀 or something like that. May be they just mean you to be careful and not to something like that intro-email you sent us.

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