Aakansha was more jealous than amused, seeing Suyash ‘her husband’, and Anjali ‘his friend’, laughing, talking and joking over dinner.

They have been married for over a year now, and this was the first time, she was seeing her husband in such a different mood.

Anjali was Suyash’s best friend, his classmate during school, batch mate at college and now colleague in office. She was posted in UK for past 2 years and so she could not come to their wedding. But during this time Aakansha has heard her name for over thousand times.

Aakansha woke up all sulky the next day; she did not prepare breakfast, and was in bed until Suyash went to office. When enquired, she told Suyash that she had a minor headache and by taking some rest it will be all fine.

She did not call him once during the day and replied in one word when he asked how her headache is?

In the evening, she started feeling guilty, of course Suyash would be happy to meet her best friend after 2 years, nothing was wrong in that, and in any case Suyash was an excellent husband, the one she always dreamt about.

She called up Suyash to say sorry!! The call went unanswered.

Suyash was carrying Anjali in his arms when his cell phone rang. As his both hands were busy he could not answer the call.

Aakansha called again, after half an hour, Suyash ended the call, without talking.

Aakansha called for the third time, and this time, Suyash’s phone was switched off. She got suspicious. She called Anjali this time and her phone was switched off too.

Suyash ended Aakansha’s call as he was about to enter the doctor’s cabin and on doctor’s request he switched it off later.

Anjali had fallen from the stairs and hit a sharp edge, and felt unconscious. Suyash carried, her in his arms to his car and then to the hospital.

Suyash thought of going home and telling Aakansha the happenings, instead of describing everything over the phone.

When he got home, Aakansha didn’t answer the bell, he had to open the door with his pair of keys.

Aakansha on hearing the doorbell went into the kitchen and called her mother.

When Suyash saw her talking over the phone in kitchen, he thought to have a shower first; he had some blood stains on his shirt and body.

He kept his wallet and cell phone in the bedroom and went for a shower.

Aakansha came into the bedroom 5 minutes later and at that moment, Suyash’s cell phone beeped. It was a message from Anjali. It read “Thanks for being with me; I have started loving life more, after what happened in past 2 hours”.

Aakansha could not stop crying. When Suyash got out of the bathroom, she was ready with her 2 suitcases, crying face, and lot of anger.

Suyash could not comprehend what went wrong, and before he could ask anything, Aakansha started blaming him about infidelity and his relationship with Anjali; she stopped only when she got a tight slap from Suyash.

Suyash calmed her down, told her about everything that had happened in last 2-3 hours, and took her to the hospital.

One year later, Aakansha and Anjali were having an amazing time, shopping together, while their respective husband’s were carrying the shopping bag around.


12 thoughts on “Misunderstanding

  1. too common??? Why people have to take a male and a female friendship in the light of infidelity always???

    I do not have any clue watsoever… atleast the people I know and around me.. people always look a male female frndship with suspicion.

  2. I agree with Reema, the cartoon does not fit the story indeed. However I must say I enjoyed reading the story. A classic case of jumping to conclusions. I know many people who can easily jump from one scenario in their minds to another.

    I agree too, removing the cartoon. Thanks for liking the story.

  3. Nice story. Two scenes that are best part of story
    1. He was carrying anjali hi his arms. You were able to divert mind of reader.
    2. Husbands with carrying bags 🙂

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