I was standing crowded, in the confined space of my office elevator, very close to the door. I was cursing myself, I could have walked down 6 stairs instead, and at that precise moment the elevator stopped at 5th floor and a beautiful lady walked in. To make some room for her I tucked in my tummy and stood in an ‘attention’ position.

To my surprise she said, “I am sorry, I am squeezing you”, and spontaneously with a smile ever so mischievous I said “My pleasure”.  Everyone including me stood numb in the elevator.

I gathered my senses before she could, and said, “Don’t mind I was just kidding, it was all said in good humor”. She smiled and said a goodbye.

Sahaja tagged me to write a post about any spontaneous thing I did (a comment, an answer etc). I am not sure if I understood her tag clearly. This post is for her tag.

Odzer awarded me with the ‘Butterfly award’ for the coolest blog. I really don’t know if I deserve it, but if you feel so Odzer I am very thankful to you. I accept the award with all gratitude.


I am not in a mood to tag anyone, nor I am going to spread the award, I guess everyone I know has received it.

P.S: from past few days, I do not feel like blogging, or reading any fellow bloggers post, so if I have not replied to your comment or if I have not commented on your blog, I will do so, very soon.



10 thoughts on “Squeezed

  1. haha good one and thanks for doing the tag! U understood it right, now in this context!
    Thanks for the award too….Well, i dont know about others…but whenever i see ur post in my google reader without even looking at title I open ur blog link, thinking what story he must have come up with now!! 😛
    U really have a cool blog Sharad! Kudos…and sketches too….I was waiting for updates!

  2. @ Reema

    @ Dinesh Babu

    @ Sahaja
    I have done a few sketches, but my cam is giving me trouble, I will upload the sketches soon..

    @ Nita
    I actually went pink 😛 :P, it was the girl who turned red 😛 😛



    @ Gopinath

    Thanks.. and hahahaha ur power to play with words is amazing.. my first crush…hahahah 🙂 🙂

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