Conversation with God

I know, it may sound a little weird, a little creepy, you may also feel like you have read a blog post on similar theme, but recently I had a thought provoking conversation with God.

Before you wonder, where did I have this conversation and God appeared in what form, and before I let my mind wander into the realms of spirituality. I will like to tell you that, God was in form of a stone idol of Lord Shiva, whom I refer to as “Jai Bholenath”.

Me: Jai Bholenath!!

Jai Bholenath: Hey!!How are you? (Yes Bholenath said a Hey to me, and he asked me how am I??)

Me:  I am surprised you asked me this, you are the one who know everything, and you must know how I am.

Jai Bholenath:  I know, but wanted to hear from you, wanted to know how you feel you are.

Me: Well, then I am fine, thank you!! If you have some time for me, and you can manage entire world, I have few questions to ask to you.

Jai Bholenath: Well go ahead, I have all the time in the world.

Me: Hope for the best, prepare for the worst!! I always wondered who decides what best is and what is worst? Then I think of Einstein, isn’t everything relative? What is hope? I have heard so many people utter this word. What is fate? Can fate be changed? How can one differentiate between truth and a lie, a moral and an immoral thing? Do you really listen to everyone’s prayer? Are they all answered?  These thoughts always occupy my mind. How does one get peace of mind? What is the need of meditation? Is peace of mind really needed? Why cannot one live without it? What is life and what is death? Am I asking too many questions?

Jai Bholenath:  I never wanted you to think about all these things. I have given you life to enjoy every minute of your living. Just enjoy!! Take pleasure in everything that comes your way. Be it Happiness, sadness, anger, grief. I want you to experience every emotion, to understand the depth of every feeling you go through, to make you strong, Cherish whatever you have!!

Me:  What am I going to get by understanding feelings? To make me strong, what for? As you say, “The ultimate truth is Death”. Why should I bother about understanding things?  And you didn’t tell me that do you really listen to everyone’s prayer; do you really give one what he/she wants?

Jai Bholenath:  When one asks for courage, I give him opportunity to be courageous, when one ask for a close family, I give him opportunity to stay clo…. (I interrupted in between…)

Me: Hey wait!! Did you watch Evan Almighty on HBO yesterday night? Morgan freeman said the same words…

Me: Why are you laughing? Oh…stop smiling now and answer my questions…

Jai Bholenath: Some Human had nicely quoted “Laughter is the best medicine” and “Smile is the curve which make things straight.” Keep smiling Sharad…you got a cute smile…and a pretty dimple too..Greet people with a smile when you meet them, see the difference…

Me: oh… Answer my questions…please..

And suddenly God disappeared, my boss appeared and said, from next time onwards make sure you had enough sleep before coming to office. Afternoon Siesta and power snap is not allowed in our office yet.



8 thoughts on “Conversation with God

  1. hehe….so its ur thought only!! nice to know abt ur smile and do keep smiling….dats what my dad always used to say to me and I believe in it 😀

    Hmm…is this written without feeling as well? :O like other fiction? 😦

  2. 🙂 so ultimately you wanted us to know that you have a cute smile and a pretty dimple!!! 😯 my, my how self praising can you do, sharad!! 😛 😛

    Jai Bholenath!!

  3. The last line made me laugh. You made me laugh and that is what mattered. So do like what God said, live every minute of your life. You will love it. Do what you love, love what you do.

  4. @ Sahaja

    Yes, this are my thoughts, and I will keep smiling.. you too keep smiling 🙂 it is a fiction too, but with some feelings. 🙂

    @ Sakhi

    Ahhh I am a big narcissists 🙂 🙂 Jai Bholenath

    @Dinesh Babu

    Ahh I am feeling great that I made you laugh 🙂 keep Smiling 🙂

    @ Kanagu

    I guess, I guess


    well I had this one when I was awake 😛 but yes I do have scary dreams when I am in deep sleep 🙂

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