Heart Broken

Alisha saw Nikhil in the party held for her promotion in the office, she was awestruck by his looks, those military cut hair, an amazing jaw-line with a day old stubble, a brilliant white shirt and dark blue jeans, and he was looking simply gorgeous. She started believing in love at first sight.

She smiled at him and he returned her cute smile in a very cute manner too.

Within a week they were dating each other. Though Nikhil had never openly admitted about his feeling, she knew, he was in love with her too.

Alisha felt that now, it was a time to tell Shaina her best friend about Nikhil.

Shaina was Alisha’s best friend and a fierce competitor of her from childhood.

Alisha has described Nikhil so beautifully, that Shaina could not wait to meet Nikhil.

They met on a windy evening at Café Coffee day, and Shaina too fell in love with Nikhil. Nikhil too flirted with Shaina, even in Alisha’s presence,

Shaina was going through whirlwind of emotions, how could she fall in love with her best friend’s love?

Shaina was surprised to get a call from Nikhil 2 days later; he has asked her to meet at Lover’s point, and surprisingly, he had asked her, not to tell Alisha about this meeting.

When they met, Nikhil said, he does not have any feelings for Alisha and he went down on his knees and proposed Shaina.

Shaina bravely, slowly and carefully, informed this to Alisha, she knew Alisha would be heart broken, their friendship might be at stake, but she had to tell her, there was no other option.

One year later, when Alisha with her sister-in-law went to meet Shaina, Shaina happily showed her the invitation card she got printed for her and Nikhil’s wedding.

Alisha just could not stop crying, she was feeling very sorry for Shaina, and she could not do anything to help her.

Alisha told her sister-in-law while returning home, that Nikhil died in a road accident, after dropping her and Shaina home, after their first meeting at Café Coffee Day a year ago. 



10 thoughts on “Heart Broken

  1. Wow! for the twist and creativity.

    Chhee chee for misleading readers into believing that Nik called her after two days, and Shaina told her lovers point meeting incident to Alisha as well. Now why didnt Alisha react at that time telling Shaina that he died on the day of first meeting itself?

    And isnt this very very funny on part of Nikhil’s ghost, that it asked Shaina to get the wedding card printed so that she could get married to a ghost and Pandit reciting marriage shlokaas wasnt terrified of seeing nobody as the groom, while Shaina could see him !!

    You have good storytelling skills, utilize them well, may be a new RGV takes control of big picture and teh camera some day.

  2. @ Sakhi

    ouch.. 😛

    @ Sahaja

    Yes Shaina was imagining NIkhil.

    @ Kanagu

    Some nice things in the world are sad 😦



    @Dinesh Babu

    hmmm some doesn’t like cafe coffee day it seems.. 😛


    Welcome to my blog

    Alisha reacted, but i didnt cover the reaction in my story.

    and no Nikhil’s ghost has no part in it, its all Shaina’a imagination

    ahhhh u say I have good story telling skills and then u call me a new RGV, i can see the pun intented.

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