In my last post ‘Terrorism‘, I took a softer stand on punishment to terrorist, by giving them community work.

Most of the commenter and readers felt that it was ok for small, petty crimes but not for horrendous killing.

Yesterday when I got back home and switched on TV, I was expecting India whitewash of England in the 5th One day at Cuttack as news headlines, I was also keen to know who got the Man of the Match award, but I was in for a shock.

Our own Mumbai was under a very well planned attack. I was shocked to see, the amount of planning and the kind of ammunition the terrorist were having with them.

R R Patil said on record that no deal is being made with them, but some officials unofficially said negotiations are on.

To see a crisp and precise post read Cuckoo.

I am still shocked, numb; don’t know how I am going to work today.

I am going to change my views about community work for terrorist, and I am now in for as hard and torturous punishment for these inhuman people.

May god bless those in suffering!!

My prayers are on!! 


7 thoughts on “Shocking!!!

  1. I am dumb struck…..I cant believe no actions took could help these repeated attacks….its not a blame game!! what we need is safety, of ours and our mehmaan !!

  2. Thanks for linking my post here. I’ll try to keep it updated. I have just come back after doing my bit. 🙂

    Was listening to one of the terrorists on TV. He called a TV channel. Mann ! they are so brain washed. He says this is just starting,,, aage aage dekhiye hota hai kya !!

    Me in double mind. Should I write about it or should I not.

    Thanks once again.

  3. even i listened to the terrorist who called a Tv channel and he made my every comment in ur last post so very true. i was disgusted. he said, “he worked for an MNC… and allah ko meri ruh ka intezaar hai”. more than 100 killed, hundreds injured.

    and then i switched to zoom-‘isko dekho’.

    today, i read abt gourav jain, who died in that firing, a s/w engineer from indore, a st paulian, living in manorama ganj, BE from vaishnav. i related with him more and felt sad.

    and i don’t knw abt u and others readin and writing such blogs whther they truly feel empathised and genuinely want to do something for this.

    earlier such events were sporadic and did not directly relate us and therefore we didn’t bother. but their frequency is now such that each one of us is going to get affected directly thru it.probably then we will get out of that non-emotional barrier that we have created for us treating humans no differently than other animals,( i mean we wudn’t care if 100 dogs died in Mumbai ,its the same with humans.)

    at least i am still in this barrier and that makes me feel i am inhuman cz i can even write abt it.

    but i also feel its the time to be human again.Shocking! but true.

  4. Hi Sharad,

    Thankfully, all that is over this morning.

    I personally know atleast three friends/colleagues who were trapped and have survived the attack.

    The trauma has been intense and severe. It is like a rebirth.

    Whilst terrorists can be eliminated (at a high cost though) we need to eliminate conditions that spawn such terrorists.

  5. Remove the word terrorism from this world.. then this whole world will be in peace.. those who attacked on that 3 days are misguided young people who are yet to see what is a life is?

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