I get all the negative feelings when I hear or read the word “Terrorism”, and no matter what newspaper I read, or what news channel I watch, this word comes along, rather too often to my liking.

Today I read BJP questioning why MCOCA was not charged to people involved in Delhi Blast case and why it has been slapped on Lt. Purohit and Sadhvi Pragya Singh?

Well my first reaction was very stupid; I asked myself how could MCOCA (Maharashtra Control of Organized Crime Act) be applied to Delhi blast case?? Delhi is nowhere close to Maharashtra..How could BJP make such a mistake?

I did, what the situation demanded, a Google search, and I came to know that I have not updated my general knowledge. MCOCA actually stands for Maharashtra Control of Organized Crime Act (India), and it could be made applicable in Delhi as well.

Another question popped up in my devil’s workshop, whether or not the Sadhvi, Lt. Purohit or any blast accused get a conviction in the case, what will the punishment be? Hang till death? A lifer? Or something else? Will the punishment be good enough for kind of crime they have committed, or will the punishment make others, who are about to commit similar crimes, in some influence or other, think twice before doing it?

Why is punishment given to someone? I think to make someone who has committed it, realize their mistake and to make others realize that it is really not a good thing to do.

Going by above definition, will the convicted realize what they have done?? Or will the punishment stop similar crimes? I bet not.. So what are we going to gain by giving the convicted a death penalty or a lifer? Nothing really…

What is the solution then? I guess we can make them do something for the society. They can clean roads, railway platforms, pickup garbage from houses, or any work for which the labor is hard to get for (not because of skills required). 


13 thoughts on “Terrorism

  1. it’s a nice a suggestion my friend.. but I am afraid that if they are going to do that means people may get angry on them and hit them. Punishment must be tough to stop these activities but terrorism is a hard one to eliminate completely. Beacuse they are not afraid of losing their life.
    But the people like Lt. Purohit must be punished severely if proved he was the convict because we shouldn’t be quiet when somebody betrays the country.

  2. You are talking about community work, which is given to those who commit smaller crimes. We have formed an eye for an eye system based on a lot of political opinion. It is going to be a huge political issue and people are going to be divided on the opinion, if we have to change it.
    The real and only solution is the crime makers stopping to make the crime.

  3. I loved the last para… but sometimes, tortured death for the terrorists are better. The punishments you have mentioned can be used for petty crime and not terrorism!!

  4. @ Sharad : What is terrorism? If you get terrified you are being terrorized. Correct? As for the Maharashtra law being made applicable to Delhi. The government in Delhi would have to pass a notification for that if I am correct. Laws made by one state can be applied in all the Union Territories provided the Administration of such territories approves them. Anyway people who commit crimes are criminals and there are ways to deal with them within the law. The problem seems to be our law is out dated but its not a bad set of law. Similar law exists in other commonwealth countries as well the only problem in India appears to me is the application and the execution of the law.

  5. Nice thoughts Sharad and I am glad that you feel that there is a possibility that these people might be guilty. I personally do not believe in the death penalty but I do believe that these people should be put away so they cannot harm more people. I do think that it deters some people, but not all.

  6. Nice thoughts but in my opinion not feasible. The community work is given to small time criminals. It is very much happening abroad but in India it may not succeed.

    First, if you give them a work like sweeping roads etc. which requires them to be in public place, the ever sensitive Indian public will kill them without any blink.

    Second, if they are given work indoors, there is a very high possibility (looking at the crime they committed & reach they have in all departments) of a proxy… fake attendance. Faking that the criminal is doing this work.

    Third, even if they do, the general public will not learn a lesson. In fact they might be of the opinion “Oh, for a ghastly bomb blast which was proved in the eyes of law, one has to just help in a hospital for a no. of months ? That’s cool ! “.

    Hope you got the point. 🙂

  7. the most terrifying thing i feel about terrorism is that its the well educated people that follow such paths.

    a person who is well graduate cannot be convinced through anything not to follow such extremism. death, no-death,punishment, nothing matters to them and its a kind of battle for them. once they accept their path, they cant be handled and terrorism as a whole cant be eliminated.

    So i feel that the feelings that get generated in their growing years should be nipped in the bud and they should be guided by reason, making them broad-minded.
    that way, probably, we can lessen the xtent of terrorism.

  8. @Odzer

    If you are being terrorized,it is terrorism…if u commit crime ur criminal..so very straight out of some definition book 🙂 🙂

    MCOCA is applicable in Delhi.

    and yes, the implementation will be a pain in the a**.


    Ofcourse, these people can get conviction.

  9. @Cuckoo

    You have made yourself very clear 🙂 🙂 and I have changed my views as well. 🙂

    @ Sonya

    Very well said 🙂 🙂 ur thinking really vrings a different and very important perspective 🙂

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